The Best Weight Benches For A Home Gym In 2021

Best Weight Benches
Photo Credits: Rep Fitness (Left) / Garage Gym Products (Right)

A properly constructed weight bench can last for years, provide the support you need to safely perform various types of lifts, and when built correctly, take your workout game to the next level. Our picks for the best weight benches of 2021 meet all of the highest standards in the industry.

To compile our list of the best weight benches we’ve relied on our own reviews of benches along with aggregated reviews from some of the top gym sites on the web.

Rep AB-5000 Zero Gap Weight Bench

Rep AB-5000 Best Weight Benches
Photo Credit: Rep Fitness

The Rep AB-5000 features a patented design that offers virtually no gap between the backrest and the seat on the bench.

A first glance of the Rep AB-5000 immediately shows why we’ve ranked it as the best weight bench for 2021.

The bench is constructed from Rep Fitness’ solid 11-gauge steel, the same build-factor they use for their excellent power racks. The steel frame offers a 1,000-pound capacity which will meet the needs of even the most avid powerlifter.

Supporting the 1,000-pound capacity is a solid vinyl pad with expert-stitching that will keep your back firmly in place while still providing a comfortable cushion during even the most intense workouts. In my opinion, Rep Fitness absolutely nailed the fine line between firmness and general comfort.

As a well-built FID (Flat, Incline, Decline) bench the Rep AB-5000 offers 7 back pad adjustments and 5 seat pad movements between -15, 0, 15, 30, and 45 degrees.

Finding each adjustment is simple thanks to the laser-cut degree markings that will definitely last the lifetime of the bench.

Rep has also included a very well-built pop-pin system with bearings. In our tests, the bench can be adjusted in seconds and remains securely in place during even the heaviest of lifts.

Adding to the incredibly strong build, Rep Fitness has included a urethane grip handle and urethane wheels. I move my bench around my gym multiple times per workout and the Rep AB-5000 Zero Gap Weight Bench is by far the easiest to move among all the benches I’ve tested.

I highly recommend purchasing the leg attachment which costs just $109.99 with free shipping. You can find the attachment on the product’s main page.

The bench sells for just $599.99 and shipping is included! You can check out all of the specs and additional pictures HERE.

Prime Fitness Adjustable Bench 

Prime-Fitness USA FID Bench
Photo Credit: Garage Gym Products

The Prime Fitness adjustable FID bench is a mainstay in the Garage Gym Products testing facility. I’ve been using this bench for over a year and it’s still in flawless condition. The only downside is the nearly $1000 price tag when the benches optional footpad is purchased.

There are a lot of reasons why this product has made our list of the best weight benches.

The ladder system found on the Prime Fitness bench makes it incredibly easy to adjust, simply grab hold of the included handle and pull to the desired angle. The laser-etched markings make it very simple to find the perfect position for include and decline movements, while the urethane grip provided a solid grip point.

The Prime Fitness adjustable bench includes urethane wheels that roll easily across my polyaspartic flooring and the rubber floor in my garage gym. The bench’s 94-pound weight also adds to the ease of maneuverability.

One of the best features of this bench is the footpad which pops on and off easily thanks to a simple pop-pin system. The footpad feels very comfortable and offers a solid grip on my legs during decline sit-ups and other maneuvers.

Much like the Rep AB-5000 Zero Gap bench, this option also offers a firm backrest that still has a bit of “give” to provide for comfort.

As an added bonus, for an additional $225 Prime Fitness offers elbow pads that can take your bicep game to the next level, although I haven’t personally tested this option.

You can see more pictures and learn more about the Rep Fitness Adjustable Bench HERE.

Rogue AB-3 Adjustable Bench

Rogue-AB-3 Adjustable Bench - Best Weight Benches
Photo Credit: Rogue Fitness

I’m going out on a limb and saying the Rogue AB-3 is the ultimate bench for only the most serious of workout enthusiasts. At a cost of $950 + shipping, it’s by far the most expensive option on our list. It’s also worth the cost if you need the most solidly built workout bench on the market.

Much like the first couple of weight benches on our list, the Rogue AB-3 provides a solid frame thanks to 11-gauge steel construction. It’s also the heaviest of the benches at 117 pounds. It’s a widely known industry fact that Rogue Fitness overbuilds all of its products and this bench is no different.

There’s a bit of flex on this bench’s padding while still remaining firm. We’ve always loved the stitching on Rogue vinyl products and this bench delivers that superior quality build factor. The bench’s backrest and seat flex a bit but still provide a solid experience for even the heaviest of lifts.

This FID features 6 adjustable seat settings and 9 adjustable back pad settings that are assisted by a smooth pop-pin utility that works perfectly.

My personal favorite part of this bench is the load-bearing rubber feel. I use my weight benches on both rubber and polyaspartic (epoxy-based) floors. On my epoxy flooring, I require a solid grip to avoid slipping and this bench does the trick flawlessly.

Learn more about this American-made weight bench HERE.

Titan Fitness Max Adjustable FID Bench: The Best Weight Bench On A Budget

Titan Fitness Max Adjustable FID Weight Bench
Photo Credit: Titan Fitness

I wanted to make sure the list of the best weight benches in 2021 included a budget-friendly option that won’t disappoint. That option is the Titan FItness Max Adjustable FID bench.

At only $499.99 with free shipping, this 11-gauge steel option is a solid choice and Titan Fitness has received numerious 5-star reviews which you can read here.

Much like our picks from Rep Fitness, Prime Fitness, and Rogue Fitness, the Max Adjustable FID bench provides a solid build that can support big lifts.

The max weight capacity is lower on this bench, coming in at 600 pounds (compared to 1,000 from our other top benches). With that being said, 600 pounds on a bench press is going to be good enough for 99.99% of powerlifters.

With an included leg pad and 10 bench positions, including 7 head/set positions, it’s a solid option that offers 70 different positioning options. The pop pin system is also surprisingly solid, allowing for quick changes in positioning.

Speaking of positioning, Titan Fitness has included a looped steel handle at the bottom of the bench, making it easy to grab hold and move the bench around my gym. While I prefer the urethane-style handled on the other benches on this list, it’s still a suitable option, especially when you consider the $499.99 price tag.

The stitching on the Titan Fitness Max Adjustable FID bench isn’t on par with the other options on our list but with regular use it should last for years. It’s also a surprisingly comfortable backrest and decent seat for both flat bench, decline and include use.

One really interesting addition to this Titan Fitness FID bench is an included pad that can be placed in the gap between the backrest and seat, allowing for a zero gap configuration. It’s not a perfect solution but it solved the large gap issue that this bench offers without the additional padding.

One note of annoyance with this option is the lack of clear-cut laser-etched angle notifiers, something we’ve become accustomed to with the other benches on our list.

If your budget is $500 this is a great option. If you can spare the extra cost, I’d still recommend the Rep AB-5000.

The best weight benches for 2021 feature similar components at various different price points. While my Prime Fitness USA bench is the mainstay in my testing facility, in my opinion the Rep Fitness AB-5000 Zero Gap bench is by far the best option for the price.

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