AmazonBasics Flat Weight Bench: A Surprisingly Good Sub-$100 Option

AmazonBasics Flat Weight Bench Review
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AmazonBasics Flat Weight Bench
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The AmazonBasics weight bench costs less than $100 but it doesn’t feel cheaply made, is easy to assembly, and offers a nice budget-friendly alternative to other benches on the market


  • At under $75 shipped it’s very moderately priced.
  • A solid build for a budget-friendly bench.
  • Very close to IPF Powerlifting Standards for height.


  • A low weight limit is recommended.
  • The warranty is only 1 year.
  • The steel tubing doesn’t come close to matching products from higher-tier providers.

To say I’m pleasantly surprised by the AmazonBasics flat weight bench would be an underestimate. With an all-in cost of less than $75 (shipping included via Amazon Prime), the bench is a solid choice for any budget-friendly shopper who still wants a durable option with a shocking amount of comfort.

With a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating and nearly 5,000 reviews, the general verdict is very solid for this utility bench.

AmazonBasics Flat Weight Bench Frame

AmazonBasics Weight Bench
Photo Credit: Amazon

Let’s start with the basics, the bench has a height of 17.9″, which places it right around what we’d hope to see for IPD Powerlifting standards; that’s a big plus on a budget bench. It’s also fairly wide at 19.7″ and features a length of 42″ from end to end. With fairly standard measurements, there’s not a ton to write home about in that respect.

The bench itself is 24.23 pounds, a weight that is achieved with the help of Alloy Steel and Polyvinyl Chloride. You’re not going to find some fancy 12-gauge or even 14-gauge steel here, but I wouldn’t expect it on a sub-$100 weight bench.

Oddly, the manual says the frame can only hold 205 pounds; however, users have reported benching up to 300 pounds on their own 200-pound frame and had zero issues.

If you’re worried about the weight limit, check out the stress test that Coop over at Garage Gym Reviews performed. I see very little reason for concern based on his drop test.

Because I know it matters to some of you, the bench is not made in the United States, which is not really a surprise given the shockingly low sticker price.

The frame assembles quickly, with just one person taking on that duty. There isn’t a lot that goes into its steel frame. The assembly, as you can see, relies on a simple upside-down T-Shaped legs and feet assembly, which should only take you a few minutes to put together.

AmazonBasics Flat Weight Bench Pad

AmazonBasics Flat Weight Bench
Photo Credit: Amazon

The PVC top surface for the weight bench is grippy enough for staying in place during heavy lifts, soft enough to stay comfortable, and surprisingly comfortable.

The biggest test of a good weight bench backrest is how well it keeps the lifter in place while lifting heavy, and this AmazonBasics product proves that you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars in order to achieve great results.

While it’s not going to last as long as a bench from Rep Fitness or Titan Fitness, it’s a solid choice for budget-friendly shoppers or anything who wants a secondary bench for lower weight lifts and quick maneuverability around their gym, thanks to the very lightweight design of the flat bench.

Check out the really good reviews for the product HERE.

Amazon Basics Flat Weight Workout Exercise Bench, Black
  • Flat weight bench for beginning and advanced workout routines
  • Durable steel tube frame and a smooth PVC padded top surface for strength and comfort
  • Assembles quickly and easily; upside-down T-shaped legs/feet provide reliable stability
  • Accommodates a wide range of fitness routines for a full-body workout in a small amount of space
  • Overall Dimensions: 41.5 x 18.2 x 18.1 inches ( LxWxH ); Top: 41.5 x 11 inches (LxW)

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