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Max Adjustable FID Bench
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Titan Fitness Max Adjustable FID Bench
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The Titan Fitness Max Adjustable FID Bench is a great value for the price. With an included foot roller and plenty of adjustable incline and decline positions, it’s at the top of our list for budget-friendly weight benches.


  • Super Affordable.
  • Easy to adjust with plenty of incline and decline positions.
  • Solid construction with a double-frame.
  • Lightweight for easy maneuverability.


  • The bench materials could use a little improvement.
  • Foot rollers are fine but not as high quality as some others.
  • 600-pound listed weight capacity is low.

If you’re looking for an affordable FID bench that won’t break the bank the Titan Fitness Max Adjustable FID Bench is a great starting point.

In recent years Titan Fitness has been increasing the quality of its products and this bench is proof that the company can create strong builds at low prices.

The Max Adjustable FID Bench features 10 bench positions and 7 head/set positions. Moving between each position is a breeze thanks to a nice sturdy pin connection that holds in place even during heavy lifts and CrossFit-intense decline situps.

While many FID benches are easily $500 plus the cost of an option leg attachment, Titan Fitness chose to include the leg roller and the entire package is under $500 with free shipping.

The foot roller detaches easily from the main bench, allowing for flat bench work which feels surprisingly good during bench presses and other movements. Admittedly, the pad quality isn’t on par with the Rep Fitness AB-5000 or the Prime Fitness Adjustable Bench but it’s still comfortable and for the price, we’re not going to complain too much.

At 81-pounds or 92-pounds with the foot roller attached, the Titan Fitness Max Adjustable FID Bench is light enough to move around at will, a great benefit for garage gym and home gym users who need to constantly move their bench out of the way during workouts. The handle at the front of the bench makes maneuvering the entire unit simple.

While there is a massive gap between the seat and the backrest, the newest version of this bench provides an additional pad that can be placed inside that gap, provided a nearly zero gap experience. I don’t mind a gap for most movements but this bench has the grand canyon of gaps, making it necessary to place the included “gap filler” when performing some movements.

With a capacity of 1,500 pounds, the bench lives up to its decent build.

For the reasons listed above, the Titan Fitness Max Adjustable FID Bench is the best value bench for your money.

You can check out the bench HERE along with more than 30 user reviews.

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Titan Fitness Max Adjustable FID Bench

A solid-build FID bench from Titan Fitness that tops our list for a competent affordable FID bench.
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