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Rep Fitness AB-5100 FID
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Rep Fitness AB-5100
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The Rep Fitness AB-5100 is a commercial-grade FID bench that delivers a gym-quality build with one of the stronger build-factors on the market.


  • Solid 11-gauge steel.
  • Excellent back and seat positioning options.
  • Grippy pads for all types of exercises.
  • Excellent Price.


  • None.

The Rep Fitness AB-5100 is the company’s surprisingly affordable commercial-grade adjustable bench. I recently had the pleasure to review the AB-5000 and the 5100 is an upgraded option that any gym owner would be happy to have on hand.

The first thing you’ll notice about the bench is how sturdy it is. Rep Fitness chose 11-gauge steel, the same material they use for their solid power racks. This ensures a very solid frame that will last for years. The bench claims a 1,000-pound capacity and based on the Rep Fitness build-factor for this unit, I wouldn’t be surprised if it can hold more weight than stated.

The bench basically comes ready to use minus about 20 minutes of installation that includes a mostly pre-assembled unit minus 4 bolts fo the frame and 8 bolts to attach the pads to the frame.

Much like the AB-5000, the Rep Fitness AB-51000 includes a very solid vinyl pad that is 12-inches thick with a 17.5-inch top.

For me, a solid hand to move my weight benches around my garage gym is important. I’m constantly moving between the middle of my garage floor, my power rack, and other locations as needed. Rep Fitness has included a very comfortable urethan grip handle and strong wheels that make moving the unit around simple. Even when I push the bench onto rubber flooring, it glides over my half-inch lip of the flooring with ease.

I almost solely use adjustable benches to save space. I perform a lot of declines and incline work and the Rep Fitness AB-5100 offers perfect positioning from exercises that range from seated movements to decline situps and bench presses. The laser-cut degree markings on the bench are excellent and the stainless steel wear guard only helps to cement the benches commercial-grade status. Adjusting the 7 back pad adjustments and 4 seat pad adjustments is simple and the selectorized pin works well.

One important note. Rep Fitness claims that the AB-5100 has an improved grippy pad configuration and they don’t fail to deliver with its newest bench. The pad is very grippy which any buyer should appreciate.

I would highly recommend purchasing the optional leg attachment which costs just $89. Without the leg attachment, you won’t have access to the full capabilities of the Rep Fitness AB-5100.

Customer reviews for the bench have been overwhelmingly positive for this bench and that’s not a surprise, Rep Fitness has repeatedly proven that they know how to make affordable benches that seem to defy logic with their bargain prices.

You can learn more about the bench and check out all of its available colors HERE.

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Rep Fitness AB-5100

The Rep Fitness AB-5100 is a commercial-grade FID bench.
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