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Titan H-PND
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Titan Fitness H-PND
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The Titan H-PND is a surprisingly solid reverse hyper from Titan Fitness. With a smooth swing, a relatively comfortable vinyl pad, and quickly movable hand grips, we give this piece of garage gym equipment two big thumbs up.


  • Surprisingly solid build.
  • Smooth swing on the weights.
  • An excellent price point. 
  • Handles are quickly movable. 


  • Padding could be a bit more firm and feature higher quality vinyl.
  • The loadable sleeves are of cheaper quality. 

The Titan H-PND is by far the most well-constructed piece of gym equipment from the company. While many Titan Fitness shoppers choose the company’s lower quality products because of better price points, that’s not the case with the company’s H-PND. In fact, we would argue that this $574.99 reverse hyper imitation is just as good, if not better, than the Rogue Z Hyper and others have agreed.

Built to target your lower back, the H-PND will help develop your glutes, legs, hamstrings, and calves, while providing excellent rehabilitation capabilities for lower back issues. 

The Titan H-PND is built using strong 11 gauge steel and comes in at a weight of 250 pounds. Reviewers have largely agreed that the device is built like a rock. It’s also relatively small for this type of device, measuring in at an overall height of 44.5-in and a footprint of 52.25-in x 41-in.

Admittedly, the pad doesn’t feature the same firmness as Rogue or Westside Barbell products and the 10-inch loadable sleeves seem like an afterthought that could easily be rectified with stainless steel or pretty much any other choice. 

The handles on the Titan H-PND are easily maneuverable with a safety pin that allows for on-the-fly grip length changes. This quick setup feature makes the H-PND capable of operating in a commercial gym while still being affordable enough for your garage gym or home gym. 

Swing on the plates is solid with a similar build to the Rogue Z Hyper, in fact, this is almost a direct copy of the more expensive option from Rogue Fitness. 

Overall, it’s a solid piece of equipment and a big win for Titan Fitness that will hopefully lead to more solid builds from the low-cost gym equipment manufacturer.

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Titan H-PND

The Titan H-PND offers a rock solid build at nearly half the price of its competitors.
Buy It For $599.99
Titan Fitness Logo

Titan H-PND

The Titan H-PND offers a rock solid build at nearly half the price of its competitors.
Buy It For $599.99


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