Titan Fitness H-PND Review And Info

Titan Fitness H-PND Review
Photo Credit: Tyler Ramsey (Garage Gym Products Rep and Personal Trainer)
Titan Fitness H-PND
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The Titan H-PND is a surprisingly solid reverse hyper from Titan Fitness. With a smooth swing, a relatively comfortable vinyl pad, and quickly movable hand grips, we give this piece of garage gym equipment two big thumbs up.


  • Surprisingly solid build.
  • Smooth swing on the weights.
  • An excellent price point. 
  • Handles are quickly movable. 


  • Padding could be a bit more firm and feature higher quality vinyl.
  • The loadable sleeves are of cheaper quality. 

The Titan H-PND is by far one of the company’s most well-constructed pieces of gym equipment to date.

While many Titan Fitness shoppers choose the company’s products because of their low prices, the H-PND is often chosen because it’s incredibly well-built

We would argue that this $789.99 reverse hyper is just as good, if not better, than the Rogue Z Hyper, and many user reviews back up that claim.

Built to target your lower back, the Titan Fitness H-PND will help develop your glutes, legs, hamstrings, and calves, while providing excellent rehabilitation capabilities for lower back issues. 

Titan Fitness H-PND Design And Build

The Titan H-PND uses strong 11-gauge steel that won’t buckle even during the most intense workouts. The thick steel delivers a 250-pound product that won’t shift as you swing your weight plates back and forth while using the machine.

Speaking of swinging weight plates around, the product features 10-inch Olympic-sized sleeves that fit 2″ collars. Our Rogue, Rep Fitness, and Bells Of Steel bumper plates all slide on without any issues.

Our biggest qualm with the unique is that the loadable sleeves would have been better if made with stainless steel.

Also included with the Titan H-PND are two spring collars and a hyper strap that firmly keep weight plates in place, and comfortably supports ankle-based movements, even when heavier weights are being used.

We didn’t notice any “cutting” into our ankles with the Titan fitness provided ankle strap, and the spring collars worked just fine, although we use our Proloc-1 collars most of the time.

The swing on the plates is very solid and similar to what we’ve experienced with our Rogue Z Hyper. A solid swing is very important given the fluid motion you’ll want to maintain when performing reverse hypers.

We like the 6″ handles that easily adjust in 2″ increments. This product was tested in our trainer’s commercial gym, and it was noted that customers love how quickly the product adjusts.

Even with a 250-pound product, dangerous shifting is possible. Titan Fitness has included rubber feet to prevent as much movement as possible. If you use the Titan Fitness H-PND on a non-rubberized floor, you’ll also appreciate that the feed keeps the unique firmly in place.

A cross brace is also included to increase the difficulting of workouts, allowing for even more back stretching the strengthening.

This reverse hyper is relatively small for its product class, coming in at 44.5 inches tall and a footprint of 52.25 inches x 41 inches.

The final part of the equation is the pad. Admittedly, it’s not as comfortable as the Rogue Hyper Z or even, as we noted, the pad we examined for our Rogue Westside Scout Hyper review. That’s not to say the padding is bad; it’s just not at the same level as more expensive units.

Overall, the Titan Fitness H-PND is an incredibly solid piece of equipment and a big win for Titan Fitness that will hopefully lead to more solid builds from the low-cost gym equipment manufacturer.

Be sure to check out the Titan Fitness H-PND product page to see the amazing customer reviews that have been given to this product.

Titan H-PND

The Titan H-PND offers a rock solid build at nearly half the price of its competitors.
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