Rep Fitness REP FT-5000 Functional Trainer Review And Info

Rep Fitness Victory Trainer
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Rep Fitness Victory Functional Trainer
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At $2499.99 with shipping included, the Rep Fitness REP FT-5000 Functional Trainer isn’t cheap but it’s also a commercial-grade piece of equipment that is affordable for many garage gym customers. The reviews are stellar and V2 has proven that Rep Fitness took user feedback and applied necessary upgrades to this awesome piece of gym equipment.


  • Commercial-grade build.
  • A very smooth pulley system that doesn’t “catch.”
  • 2:1 weight ratio provides plenty of weight with two 210 pound stacks.
  • The $2499.99 cost is shockingly low for a commercial-grade product.


  • The lowest weight setting is two plates at 10 lbs. This makes some isolation movements difficult and sometimes impossible.
  • It’s incredibly heavy. You won’t want to move this unit once setup.

The Rep Fitness REP FT-5000 Functional Trainer is a true piece of commercial gym equipment that’s priced for a garage gym or home gym environment. If you’re searching for a full-body workout the FT-5000 features 16 selectable cable positions that are helped along by two 220 lb stacks with a 2:1 lift ratio.

The current model (V2) of the Victory Functional Trainer features commercial-grade upgrades that are immediately noticeable.

Built with 11 gauge steel, the unit has been deemed incredibly solid by numerous reviewers. In fact, one of the biggest warnings is that the Rep Fitness REP FT-5000 Functional Trainer is so solid that you’ll want to install it right where it will be left. Unless you plan on having a bunch of friends to help you move 1,001 pounds, it’s best to set down and install the functional trainer’s pieces of equipment wherever it’s going to permanently live.

Protecting this Rep Fitness functional trainer’s monster frame is a two-layer electrostatic powder coating with a black metallic finish that is incredibly durable for added protection against chipping. Rep Fitness powder coat is thick and solid and the striking coat on the REP FT-5000 Functional Trainer is among some of the company’s most solid coating work.

For V2, REP upgraded its column handle height adjust wheels, making operation smooth and quiet thanks in no small part to its fiberglass-reinforced pulleys that provide zero “catching.” Whether you’re lifting 10 pounds or 220 pounds, both of which are supported, you’ll have no issues with drag.

If you do happen to notice some slight dragging with your Rep Functional Trainer, I highly recommend buying the synthetic version of the Super Lube product. A solid lubricant used approximately every 30 days can help smooth out any drag issues you will likely experience. Also, keep your hands off the guide rods at all times. Oil buildup from your hands on this machine can undo the work being accomplished by your added lubricant. Those tips hold true for every cable machine.

As an added bonus, the unit also features a center attachment holder with storage pegs and two urethane straps. The Victory Trainer is deep enough that the pegs don’t get in the way and they offer plenty of separating between the two storage areas to ensure your various attachments don’t feel crowded.

If you’re new to using a functional trainer, Rep Fitness has also provided a nice guide above the storage pegs which provides for some basic but effective exercises you should definitely try out during your exercise routines.

It’s not a small unit at 1,001 total pounds and a total size of 85″x72″x45″ but the size is also a positive if you like a lot of room available inside of your functional trainer when performing various workouts. A standard flat bench or FID bench fits easily inside the robust frame, allowing for numerous workouts to be completed with assistance from any bench of your choosing.

As previously noted, the unit employs a 2:1 lifting ratio, which means the Rep Fitness REP FT-5000 Functional Trainer will pull 100 pounds when you have the weight plate set to 200 pounds. For most people, that’s plenty of weight, especially for the type of exercises you are likely to focus on with this type of product.

I would love to see Rep Fitness and other providers add band pegs to these units to provide for additional weight pulls and resistance training but that’s really just a personal preference.

While the weight stacks are limited by the unit’s 2:1 weight ratio, I love the ability to change weights in 2.5 kg / 5.5-pound increments. The weight changes are great for isolation movements that often rely on lower weight amounts and smaller weight increases as you improve your strength.

I should also note that 220 pounds on each side are a clear winner in this space. Comparable functional trainers often sell for hundreds of dollars more and offer less weight. In some cases, you can purchase additional weight plates but at an even higher cost.

Along with changing the weights, changing the actual height handles is simple thanks to a pop system that allows for one-handed changes. The guide handle moves smoothly down each pole. Rep Fitness has also laser etches each column marking, making it simple to find the right height for each of your chosen movements.

While this unit starts at $2499.99 with free shipping, that price will give you just two urethane strap handles. Urethane is superior to other grip options provided for free by other functional trainer manufacturers but the number of handles provided is lacking. For a few hundred dollars more you can add an entire set of premium handles to your arsenal.

Speaking of handles, the Rep Fitness Functional Trainer features three distinct pull-up handles that are isolated at various angles. I really like this option because it forces your hands to remain in specific positions for each type of pull-up movement. Other units often feature a single handle that is bent in different directions, a setup that can cause slight changes in hand positioning during each attempt to grip the pull-up bar.

The positioning of the handles is also expertly chosen by Rep Fitness, allowing for different muscle targeting with comfortable positioning for each movement. It’s also easy to reach up and grab the handles thanks to the comfortable size of the Rep Fitness FT-5000.

If you hate putting gym equipment together, another positive of this machine is that it’s partially constructed upon arrival. This allows uprights to still fit through standard doorways while ensure users don’t have to worry about figuring out the placement of every pull during the installation process. On average it takes two people about two hours to finalize the build.

You can find the current Rep Fitness Functional Trainer price and some great user reviews here. Keep in mind, every order with Rep Fitness now includes shipping charges for the Continental United States.

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Rep Fitness REP FT-5000 Functional Trainer

The Rep Fitness Victory Functional Trainer is a commercial-grade product with a garage gym price tag and free shipping.
Buy It Now For $2499.99

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