Titan Fitness Lat Tower – 10-300 LB Selector – Review And Info

Titan Fitness Lat Tower
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Titan Fitness Lat Tower - 10-300 LB Selector
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The Titan Fitness Lat Tower – 10-300 LB Selector is a near-commercial grade piece of specialty equipment that offers both Lat Pulldown and Low Row capabilities. The unit features a decent set of pulleys that glide fairly smoothly along with a comfortable seat that features mid-grade materials.


  • Excellent Price To Quality Ratio.
  • Relatively Smooth Glide. 
  • The Combo of Lat Pulldown and Low Row is convenient.
  • Relatively good space save for the functionality.



  • Powder coat is mid-tier quality. 
  • Adjustments can become easily worn down and inoperable.
  • Low row cable has a tendency to slide off its track.

In recent months I’ve become increasingly surprised by some of the higher-quality builds Titan Fitness has been delivering to customers. Among my surprise is the Titan Lat Tower – 10 to 300 LB Selector. While the tower may not be commercial grade, it’s pretty darn close, so close in fact that gym owners have been posting their own reviews after purchasing the tower for their gym.

The Titan Lat Tower – 10 to 300 LB Selector is a stand-alone machine that features both lat pull down and a low row. For the lat pull downs, an included padded seat can be used, while the low row position requires users to sit on the floor or stand for certain movements.

I came across my first Titan Fitness Lat Tower at a local gym and only had a few uses out of the machine so I’ll rely on my own quick opinion and those of others from around the internet.

First, I’m 5’10” and I found that the seat fits me well and the 6 thigh pad positions gave me enough room to find a snug fit. A few reviewers have noted that in V1 of the Titan Fitness Lat Tower, the thigh adjustment seemed to stick after a few uses. That didn’t seem to be the case when I tried out the machine. With that being said, the movement between the two pieces of metal is tight and there was some obvious scratching because of metal-on-metal contact. I can definitely see where this could become a problem if many people are constantly adjusting the equipment in a busy commercial gym.

For the low row, sitting on the floor isn’t a problem if you have rubber flooring but this could get uncomfortable in a garage gym setting if concrete is your choice in flooring. Still, the 8-footplate settings allow for plenty of length placement, ensuring even taller and shorter users are allowed to achieve a full range of motion.

I immediately noticed one of the most talked about issues with the Titan Fitness Lat Tower – 10 to 300 LB Selector in that the low row can easily pop off the including pulley. Remaining centered is an easy fix and the parts do pop right back together very easily. This seems like something Titan can and should fix with another update to V3.

Speaking of the pulleys, they move easily along their attachments. The cables are made with what appears to be decent aluminum and the sheathing seems well constructed. If you’ve ever used the Titan Fitness Lat Pulldown that features a plate-loaded option, you’re probably aware that WD-40 immediately becomes your best friend. While I would still suggest a little extra TLC with the Lat Tower, the movement was rather smooth without any additional steps added to the installation process.

One note of annoyance. If you’re standing up and performing pushdown movements, you may quickly notice that a full range of motion with the direct attachment is hard or impossible. A simple solution is to add chain to the pulldown bar so you start with more slack in the plate. However, the small height can still leave your weights maxing out before you’re read for your next rep.

It has also been noted by several reviewers that the selector bar when using only 10 pounds of weight has a tendency to hit against the top of the second selector plate. This wasn’t the case when I was using the gym’s Titan Lat Tower. Several reviewers have noted that playing around with the tightness of certain bolts can help alleviate those issues. I’ve included some YouTube videos down below for this device so you can see the issues for yourself and learn about a few simple solutions.

If you’re worried about movement, don’t be, this unit comes in at 530 pounds of pure steel and included weights. It’s more than likely not going to move during any exercise you choose. If you’re worried, you can always bolt it to the ground. I do recommend setting this Lat Tower up exactly where it will be used to avoid a lot of headaches trying to move it at a later time.

Finally, there is also a band tension option to help bring your exercises to the next level. It works well, although it doesn’t feel as solid as other commercial Lat Pulldowns I’ve used in the past.

Overall the Titan Fitness Lat Tower – 10 to 300 LB Selector is a great option for the price. While you could move up to a Rogue or Sorinex Lat Tower, the fact that this unit is about 200% cheaper makes it an excellent choice. While it’s not a perfect machine, for the price, it’s definitely worth adding to your garage gym or personal training facility.

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Titan Fitness Lat Tower with 10 to 300 LB Selector

The Titan Fitness Lat Tower with 10 to 300 LB Selector is a great addition to any garage gym.
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