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Titan Fitness H-PND
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Titan Fitness Economy H-PND
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The Titan Fitness Economy H-PND is a $399.99 reverse hyper that does a solid job for an entry level option. 


  • Relatively smooth operation.
  • Decent build for the price.
  • A decent strap at lower weights


  • Padding could be better.
  • Weight horn could be half-an-inch longer.
  • Installation was a pain due to some slightly off-center holes.

I have been placing a lot of extra emphasis on my posterior chain recently and the result has been a little bit of extra lower back stiffness and soreness. I had recently reviewed the Titan Fitness H-PND but sent it on its way to make room for additional review equipment. I quickly realized how much the product was helping my back but also recognized that I could easily perform the same exercises on the cheaper Titan Fitness Economy H-PND.

The higher-end option from Titan is nearly $600 while this unit is only $499.

The first thing I noticed was how much lighter the Titan Fitness economy H-PND is than the original. Titan says it’s 100 pounds lighter and it certainly is easier to move around my gym, although it mostly stays stationary. Titan accomplishes the lighter weight by moving from 3 x 3 steel to a less sturdy 2 x 2. With that being said, I don’t place a lot of weight on my reverse hyper movements so the extra weight isn’t an issue based on my own circumstances.

I did notice that the cushion used for the Titan Fitness economy H-PND is not as solid as the higher-end unit, although for quick use it was comfortable enough to justify the much lower selling price.

The weight horns are not the type of quality I have come to expect from other reverse hypers. I would have much preferred a nice stainless steel design. I also noticed that the weight horns feature a 10-inch size on each end while the Rogue RH-2 and some other units offer 10.5-inches. The size difference doesn’t affect my use but for powerlifters who are pushing additional weight or anyone using Mil-Spec or similar thick plates, this fact could inhibit use for higher weight needs.

The handles on the Titan Fitness Economy H-PND are decent. There are eight positions that can be adjusted in 2-inch increments. I’m 5’10” and had no problem finding a comfortable length for working my posterior chain. Admittedly, the build on this unit did make adjustments for testing’s sake, a bit awkward. The adjustment isn’t smooth and I could see some wear and tear occurring over time in a gym setting or in a home where different users are constantly adjusting the handle width on the H-PND.

One note, there were a few holes that didn’t align perfectly during installation. I had to force a few pieces together. A few reviewers on the Titan Fitness website noticed the same thing. You can see the reviews HERE.

One really nice feature for my use are the rubber feet on the bottom of the unit. I just installed a new garage floor and I was out of rubber flooring in the short-term. I placed the unit on my epoxy garage floor and the rubber feet have protected my new floor while providing a decent grip to avoid shifting during use.

Speaking of feet, there are two step ups that make it easy to get on and off the Titan Fitness H-PND.

Finally, the strap that comes with this unit is suitable for workouts, I really like the Spud Inc. strap that Rogue ships with its units but the one provided by Titan Fitness gets the job done, especially at my lower weight requirements.

Overall, for $399 with free shipping, this is a unit I am happy to stand behind in terms of quality for the price and efficiency of the workout it provides.

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Titan Fitness Economy H-PND

An economy-priced reverse hyper that works surprisingly well.
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