Powertec Lat Machine LP-LM19 Review And Info

Powertec Lat Machine LP-LM19
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Powertec Lat Machine LP-LM19
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The Powertec Lat Machine LP-LM19 features an optional 190-pound selectorized weight-stack that gives the lat tower a total weight capacity of 500 pounds. With a unique swivel bench and smooth pulleys, it’s the perfect complement to a garage gym or home gym setup. 


  • Smooth pulleys.
  • 500-pound weight capacity.
  • Nice powder coat finish.
  • Unique swivel bench.
  • The footplate keeps the unique in place during standing exercises.
  • The cost matches the lat tower’s quality.
  • Excellent range of motion while standing



  • The included attachments could be better.
  • The Installation instructions are awful.
  • Unit sways a little during operation.

The Powertec Lat Pulldown Machine LP-LM19 is a decent specialty machine for a home gym. While it’s pretty obvious the machine isn’t a gym-quality unit, the 500-pound weight capacity, surprisingly smooth operation, and an innovative “swivel bench” makes it my personal favorite unit for a garage gym. This is my personal everyday unit thanks to numerous factors I’ll discuss below.

I purchased the Powertec Lat Pulldown Machine with the optional 190 selectorized weight set. With this option, I’m able to pull an industry-leading 500 pounds (in my dreams). The LP-LM19 includes a pair of 2″ Olympic-sized weight horns that are conveniently angled to allow for easy loading of my Rogue Echo Bumper Plates without the need for a collar when I’m in a rush. I will note that my standard Rogue USA Aluminum Collars do not fit on the weight horns and either do my ProLoc 1 collars. This is a bit annoying, especially because the collars that come with the Powertec Lat Machine are rather cheap looking and require a screw lock that will eventually scratch up the stainless steel weight horns.

It took me a few hours to put together the Powertech Lat Pulldown without any help. I found the instructions to be almost useless. In several cases, I was told to use bolt numbers that were not included with my equipment. I also found that stacking the weights to install them was a very bad idea, they are slippering, fell off, and put a dent in my wall. Instead, I would recommend sliding the weights over the included poles.

I was immediately surprised by how smooth the pulleys operate. I would say they are comparable to gym quality units but with a slight when using the selectorized weight set and when adding my own weight plates into the mix. I haven’t had the unit for long enough to comment on wear and tear over time but I’ll update this review after one year to reflect the units lasting build quality.

One bit of annoyance arrived when one of the bars that hold the front unit arrived slightly bent, Powertec asked me to attempt bending the bar back into place which I did, however, the pin that holds my weights now rubs against the front of the unit during pulls.

Powertec Bent Pole

It’s important to note that this was not a shipping issue, the boxes arrived in excellent condition which means the device shipped defective from Powertec.

I’m 5’10” and I have a full range of motion when standing and using the Powertech LP-LM19. Whether I’m working on my shoulders, triceps, or other muscle groups, the unit provides me with everything I need. When performing curls, I absolutely love that the seat swivels out of the way and that the cable is always connected and ready to go. The chair swivels easily and seems well made, right down to a sturdy vinyl cover that gets the job done.

I also really like the included footplate that ensures the unit doesn’t move when pulling up on the unit. This probably isn’t a bit issue since I have the selectorized plates included but it might make a difference if you are relying only on the plate loaded version. For future improvements, I would like to see the plate extend a little further. When I attempt overhead lat pulls I find I want to stand away from the machine more than the foot plate will allow.

When in the seated position, the leg rollers provide easy to move options, although my unit is almost always set for my height. The rollers are comfortable but not as well made as units I’ve used from Rogue Fitness, Sorinex, and others. For a starting cost fo $899, I would still take this unit over something from Titan Fitness, X-Mark, or Body-Solid. The plastic end caps on the rollers are awful and don’t sit flush. One important note about the rollers. There are only three settings so you may find that they don’t press down on your legs as much as you’d like depending on your height. There’s a little give in the middle position for me and at 5’10” I could use another inch on my legs for full support.

In the seated position on the floor, I really like how the pull feels. The Powertech Lat Machine LP-LM19 remains decently steady with a little bit of sway but nothing that would be considered distracting. The pull is once again smooth with just a little bit of drag, allowing me to focus on my back exercises and not on the operation of the machine. I should note that I have a newly installed garage floor that is comfortable to sit on, however, I do use my Rogue Fitness Individual Mat for added comfort.

The included handles that come with the Powertec Lat Machine are not the type of quality you’ll find in a gym. The units feature rubber grips which mean there is no knurling, however, they still allow for a decent grip at lower weights. I would have preferred steel handles with some moderate knurling. For example, my absolute favorite knurling is found on my Rogue Ohio Bar and my Fringe Sport 20KG Power Bar. With that being said, for the cost, the included options are likely suitable for most people. As an added bonus, rubber isn’t cold if you’re working out in a garage gym in a cold climate area during the winter months.

Overall, I really enjoy using my Powertec Lat Machine LP-LM19. This is my personal everyday use machine. While improvements in the quality of the pulleys could help solve drag issues and some workmanship was questionable upon arrival, I still really enjoy the unit for everyday use.

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Powertec Lat Machine LP-LM19

A quality lat machine with unique features you'll love.
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