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Rogue Thompson Fatbells
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Rogue Thompson Fatbells
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Product Summary

The Rogue Thompson Fatbells can reduce shearing pain in the shoulders while acting as a perfectly suitable dumbbell replacement. The balance is superb and like most Rogue products, the craftsmanship is top-notch.


Center mass appears to help avoid joint shearing.

Many movements feel better because of the center mass.

Top-notch powder coat in true Rogue fashion.

Various weights to accommodate all athletes.

Lower weights are built with two openings to accommodate athletes with smaller hands.


They are a bit pricey starting at $3/pound plus shipping.

It’s hard to abandon the weights during maximum rep sets.

At Garage Gym Products our favorite items for the home gym are speciality products that help reduce injury. One of those products are Rogue Thompson Fatbells.

Developed by powerlifting superstar Donnie Thompson, the “center mass” bells get their name from his decision to rethink the traditional kettlebell by moving the handle directly inside the bell.

The idea behind the Rogue Thompson Fatbells is to remove the shearing force on joins that occurs with dynamic movements associated with kettlebell exercises.

Reviewers have noted that these bells appear to deliver on the promise of a safer workout. However, because your hand is located in the center of the Fatbells, abandoning them during a final rep can be tricky.

One nice benefit for smaller athletes is that the 9LB, 13LB, and 18LB options have an opening on both sides, that accommodates athletes with smaller hands.

The Rogue Thompson Fatbells are covered in Rogue’s signature powder coating, giving them a look we are familiar with thanks in no small part to the company’s well-received Kettlebells.

With over 100 reviews on Rogue’s website, the Fatbells are definitely a win among users with a 4.9-star average rating. We agree, the bells feel great in the hand and they are built to take a pounding.

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Rogue Thompson Fatbells

A center mass take on the traditional kettlebell that may help reduce injury.
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