Bells of Steel Lat Pulldown Low Row Machine: A Budget-Friendly Powerhouse

Bells of Steel Lat Pulldown And Row Machine Info
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Fitness enthusiasts have been increasingly investing in their home gyms in recent years. Budget-friendly items like the Bells of Steel Lat Pulldown Low Row Machine have become more commonplace outside commercial gyms as their prices align with home gym enthusiasts.

This versatile and durable machine offers users a comprehensive upper body workout, targeting the back, shoulders, and arms. In this article, we’ll dive into the build quality, features, specifications, and warranty of the Bells of Steel Lat Pulldown Low Row Machine to help you decide if it’s the right fit for your home gym.

Bells Of Steel

Bells of Steel Lat Pulldown

Lat Pulldown Low Row Machine

  • 11-gauge steel design.
  • 300+ pounds of included weight.
  • 1:1 pull ratio.
  • A limited lifetime warranty
  • And much more.

Lat Pulldown Low Row Machine Build Factor

Durability and Design

The Bells of Steel Lat Pulldown Low Row Machine is designed with durability in mind. Built with a heavy-duty 11-gauge steel frame, it ensures stability and long-lasting performance.

11-gauge steel is currently the gold standing in home gym equipment and is utilized by top-tier providers, including Rogue Fitness, Rep Fitness, Eleiko, and other top brands. The fact that this unit comes with the same steel thickness at a fraction of the cost is a testament to the Lat Pulldown Low Row Machine’s overall build quality.

The black powder-coated finish looks sleek, even commercial quality while protecting against rust and corrosion.

Dual Functionality

The key selling point of this machine is its dual functionality.

The lat pulldown and low row exercises can be performed on the same equipment, making it a space-efficient and cost-effective option for home gym owners.

Switching between the two exercises allows you to target multiple muscle groups in your upper body, including the latissimus dorsi, trapezius, rhomboids, biceps, and forearm muscles.

Smooth Pulley System

Cable and Pulley System
Photo Credit: Bells Of Steel

The Bells of Steel Lat Pulldown Low Row Machine features a smooth and reliable pulley system with high-quality ball bearings. The machine even includes a nylon-coated cable rated at 2,000 lbs, guaranteeing high safety and durability for many years.

Reviews have proven that Bells of Steel has created a product that ensures workouts are fluid and consistent, with minimal friction and noise.

Weight Stack

Bells of Steel Lat Pull Down And Row Machine Weight Stack
Photo Credit: Bells of Steel

The commercial-grade pulley system on the Bells Of Steel Lat Pulldown And Low Row machine is needed to support the unit’s massive 310-pound weight stack.

The weights are marked in pounds and kilograms, making choosing your desired weight a breeze.

Further, the ability to add weight pins to the weight stack means smaller incremental gains can be achieved. We love this feature as it allows us to shoot for personal records while not over-taxing our muscles as we move up in difficulty.

Adjustable Thigh Pads and Seat

Bells of Steel Lat Machine Seat and Thigh Pads
Photo Credit: Bells of Steel

The machine ships with adjustable thigh pads and a seat to accommodate users of different heights and preferences. These adjustments can be made quickly and easily using the pop-pin system, allowing for a comfortable and secure workout experience.

The quality of the pads is decent, maybe not on the same quality level as much higher priced products but a close second.

Wide-grip and Close-grip Handles

Bells of Steel Lat Pulldown Handle
Photo Credit: Bells of Steel

The machine includes wide-grip and close-grip lat pulldown attachments, allowing you to vary your workouts and target different muscle groups. By alternating between the two grips, you can focus on specific areas of your back, shoulders, and arms, maximizing the benefits of your training sessions.

Plate Storage

The machine comes with two built-in weight plate storage pegs, allowing for easy organization and storage of your weight plates. Each peg measures 8″ in length and is compatible with standard and Olympic plates.

Bells Of Steel Lat Pulldown Low Row Machine Specs

This Lat Pulldown and Low Row machine offers many benefits for home gym owners.

Here’s a quick specs sheet to determine if it fits your home gym’s space and provides all the weight limits and other requirements you’re looking for now.

Total Weight
528lbs / 239.5kg
Dimensions (L x W x H)
69.9” / 41.3” / 86.7"
Pull Ratio
Cable Capacity
Pulley Material
Machine Coating
Black Powder Coat
Machine Material
Lat Bar Material
Stainless Steel
Limited Lifetime

Be sure to check out the excellent user reviews on the Bells of Steel website. There are also so great affordable add-ons that will take this budget-friendly lat pulldown machine to the next level.

Bells of Steel Lat Pulldown And Low Row Machine

A budget-friend machine that delivers a commercial-quality build.
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