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Rogue Monster Triangle Grip
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Rogue Monster Grip Triangle
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The Rogue Monster Grip Triangle offers excellent knurling, great handle spacing, and an overbuilt design that will last for years.


Great medium knurling. 
Awesome powder coat.
The overbuilt design will last for years.
Excellent handle spacing.



The Rogue Monster Grip Triangle is an overbuilt attachment for a lat machine or functional trainer. I received the weightlifting accessory for Christmas and have now been using it for several weeks. Much like other Rogue accessories, the unit is well built, features a strong powder coat, and provides exactly what it promises to deliver.

The Rogue Monster Grip Triangle is built with laser cut steel and that attention to detail is immediately clear. The welds, much like other Rogue Fitness equipment, are near flawless, and the Rogue logo is cut in perfectly to the unit.

While great looking equipment is always nice, what really impressed me with this unit is the knurled handles. The knurling is aggressive enough to provide a great grip for lat machine, low row machine, and functional trainer use. At higher weights, I never feel like I’m looking my grip on the Rogue Monster Grip Triangle.

I’ve had grip issues for as long as I can remember and I specifically purchased this triangle grip because of the fat 2-inch handles. The grips force me to open my hands further than a Rogue Ohio Bar or other similar Olympic barbells. Still, the textured grip, as noted above, allows me to hold my grip in place. In just a few short weeks I”m already noticing improvements with my lat pulldown and low row movements.

I’ve used a lot of triangle grips in commercial gyms and this is my favorite option. The 6-inches between the grips is optimal for a lot of movements and the included carabine, in true Rogue Monster fashion, is built to last.

I also really enjoy the grip’s ability to hold chalk really well. I use Rogue’s chalk in my garage gym and it has stuck to most of my Rogue and non-Rogue equipment really well. The medium knurling of the handles in this case are strong on their own but work even better when chalk is added into the mix. I use a lot of chalk in my garage gym because it helps absorb moisture which leads to a reduced chance of rusting when I work out in the humid summer with my garage doors wide open.

My only regret is that I purchased the unit without the carabiner and strap option, only because they were not available at the time. Adding some additional length with the triangle can lead to new exercise motions. If you’re going to purchase this unit, spend the extra $7.50, it’s still a steal at $67.50.

You can go cheap on cable machine accessories but purchasing a unit like the Rogue Monster Grip Triangle ensures you have a high-quality weightlifting accessory that you’ll still be happy to be using years from now.

Overall, the Rogue Monster Grip Triangle is worth the cost, provides a typical overbuilt Rogue product, and delivers where it matters, with overall design and an excellent grip factor.

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Rogue Monster Grip Triangle

A top-notch cable machine accessory with awesome knurling and an overbuilt design.
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