Rogue Bookshelf Divider 2.0 Review And Info

Rogue Bookshelf Divider 2.0
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Rogue Bookshelf Divider 2.0
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The Rogue Bookshelf Divider 2.0 is an attachment for the Rogue Mass Storage system that separates weight plates while adding a new level of safety by easily security weight plates from falling over. 


Very nice powder coat.
Attaches with no hardware.


Inconsistency in product build.
Expensive for four pieces of steel.

The Rogue Bookshelf Divider 2.0 is a simple solution for dividing your weight plates while providing an additional layer of safety.

I purchased this product for $95.00 from Rogue Fitness after realizing my weight collection was growing, and my children often play near my mass storage system, even though I’ve told them not to at least 500 times.

The units arrived in a single box, and each divider was wrapped in thick brown paper to protect each of the four dividers from damage.

The Rogue Bookshelf Divider 2.0 keeps the company’s tradition of providing a top-notch powder coat. They look amazing, and the weld points on each divider are professionally placed, allowing for clean lines for the product’s 1/3″ thick laser cut and bent steel.

Two of my four dividers were difficult to place on my Rogue Mass Storage system. At first, this fact annoyed me, but then I realized that the dividers were firmly in place, making for a stronger bookend for my 45-pound and 55-pound bumper plates.

I have one issue with the dividers: if weights are not placed tightly against each piece, they can shift over time, causing my bumper plates to fall slightly.

Several of my heavier weights were almost flat after several weeks of use. Thankfully there has never been a complete failure of the dividers, and I still highly recommend them for their safety features.

While there are several small issues with the Rogue Bookshelf Divider 2.0 product, I’m still satisfied with my purchase. Before I purchased this product, I constantly moved numerous plates around to retrieve my desired weights. I’m now saving both time and energy thanks to this product.

Some of the dividers are too snug, while others are not snug enough; moving the product as more plates are added or moved to new positions is a relatively easy process.

Because the Rogue Bookshelf Divider 2.0 product doesn’t have to be attached to hardware, it’s a simple add-on that doesn’t require a lot of thought.

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Rogue Bookshelf Divider 2.0

Separate plates by weight and add a new level of safety to your Rogue mass storage system.
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