Rep V2 Sleeve Battle Rope Review And Info

Rep V2 Sleeve Battle Rope
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Rep V2 Sleeve Battle Rope
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The Rep V2 Sleeve Battle Rope offers high-quality materials that provide for an excellent wave, grippy handles, and a top-notch protective sheathing. 


Excellent protective sheathing. 
Great wave form during use. 
Grippy handles. 
Excellent Price. 



The Rep V2 Sleeve Battle Rope is one of my favorite pieces of gym equipment. I purchased the company’s 1.5″ 50-foot option nearly 8 months ago and it has proven to be an integral part of my daily shoulder and cardio routines. As you can see from the included photo, my rope has plenty of wear and tear but none-the-less it has held up incredibly well.

Opening the package I was struck by the blue coloring that I chose. Rep Fitness equipment has the tendency to really offer colors that pop and the Rep V2 Sleeve Battle Rope is no different. The actual sheeting is also strong. My original garage floor was beaten up cement before I had it refinished, despite a constant barrage of contact with that floor, the sheeting remained in-tact thanks to a strong nylon build-factor.

The weight of the rope feels amazing at 28 pounds. I can really feel the extra weight compared to some other ropes I’ve used in public gyms. With a solid grip on the 1.5″ diameter, I get a decent workout while building grip and shoulder strength. I love this rope so much I’ve considered moving up to a 2.0″ option at 50 feet which provides 46 pounds of weight.

The rope is made from a strong and flexible 100% pure polydacron material which provides for an excellent amount of wave action during various two-handed and one-handed movements.

The actual grips on the Rep V2 Sleeve Battle Rope are solid, made with a hard rubber handle that has survived numerous drops onto the cement. On one particular day, I left the rope sitting outside in 95-degree heat for several hours and the rubber maintained its form. I wouldn’t recommend that practice but in a one-off instance, it didn’t fail. The contoured grip in the handles also feels really natural in my hands, providing for a little bit of grip assistance.

I’ve used plenty of battle ropes over the years and never thought I would rave about this type of product. Throw in a $90 price point and it really can’t be beaten.

Check out the Rep V2 Sleeve Battle Rope HERE, available in Red, Blue, and Black.

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Rep V2 Color Battle Rope

An excellent quality battle rope with a protective sheathing and wave.
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