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Super Lube multi-purpose synthetic lubricant with syncolon (PTFE)
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Super Lube
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Super Lube helps cable machines glide smoothly while providing a simple to apply product that is non-staining and heat stable. 


  • Very little overspray.
  • Very little dripping means an even coat without much run-off.
  • Heat stable.
  • Non-Staining.
  • Excellent price.


  • None we’ve discovered so far.

Super Lube multi-purpose synthetic lubricant with syncolon (PTFE) is the only product we use on the cable machines at Garage Gym Products. Our Powertec Lat Machine and the amazing Titan Fitness Functional Trainer that we use on a daily basis glide like butter and that’s largely due to keep their guide rods being regularly lubed.

When we first installed our Powertec P-LM Lat Machine we used a garage door lubricant the installers left behind during the installation of our gym’s new garage doors. The product worked but provided only a marginal improvement in fixing built up drag that was occurring.

We heard about Super Lube from several YouTube reviews and we were immediately curious to see if it lived up to the hype.

The moment we applied the product evenly to all sides of our guide rods the movement was vastly improved during lat pulldowns, low rows, and other movements. One of the nicest parts of this product is that it sprays on evenly and there isn’t a lot of over spraying. Both of those benefits ensure product doesn’t go to waste and that our gym equipment doesn’t get covered in overspray.

One of the unexpected benefits is that the product is completely odorless. We don’t notice the WD-40 smell or other pungent issues we noticed with the garage door spray we were using prior to this product.

Another benefit of Super Lube is that the product does a great job of clinging to the guide rods without running down the sides, causing additional waste, this has ensured that the entire pull on our cable machines remains consistent.

I love this product so much that I gave it to my wife to apply under her manual treadmill belt. She immediately noticed a much smoother experience after just a little bit of spraying.

If you’re concerned about unneeded chemicals in your gym, the product features a food-grade safe rating and is certified clean.

Further, don’t use WD-40, it’s not actually a lubricant. WD stands for water displacement and the product works more as a cleaner than a lubricant and will dry within minutes of placement.

We absolutely love Super Lube and it’s now the only product used in our garage gym for my cable machines, and we suggest you give it a try too. You can buy it here for $6.49.

This video uses the Super Lube product and shows you how to properly clean and lubricate your guide rods.

Editor’s note: There are various types of lubricants from Super Lube, we’ve included several links to the actual silicon variety we use for our equipment. You can find the right product here.

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Super Lube is the perfect synthetic-lubricant for cable machines in any home or commercial gym.
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Warning: While we’ve thoroughly tested Super Lube on our own gym equipment, we suggest you check with your equipment manufacturer to ensure the product will be safe with their products.

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