Rogue Monster Monolift Attachment Review And Info

Rogue Monster Monolift Attachment
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Rogue Monster Monolift Attachment
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The Rogue Monster Monolift Attachment is an excellent product that provides for safer and more convenient bench presses, squats, and other movements.


  • Built-like a tank.
  • Excellent quick movements.
  • Great powder coat.
  • UHMW plastic protects barbells.
  • Safety pin keeps the Monolift securely in place.


  • It’s a bit heavy to move around.

The Rogue Monster Monolift Attachment is my favorite rack attachment. I purchased the RM-4 along with Rogue’s safety straps because I work out on my own and I put a heavy emphasis on safety.

While Rogue’s safety straps can protect my body from drops up to 10,000 pounds, their safety benefits stop at drop protection.

The Rogue Monster Monolift Attachment, on the other hand, offers benefits for various types of lifts. I specifically love using the product for squatting and bench presses.

I recently discovered that many of my friends, even some who are constantly at the gym, don’t understand the purpose of this particular piece of gym equipment. Before I get into depth with this review, check out this walkthrough from The Gym In The North:

With that out of the way, let’s jump into my review of the Rogue Monster Monolift Attachment.

Rogue Monster Monolift Design

First, as the name suggests, the unit connects only to 3×3 Rogue Monster racks. Like just about every other accessory for this collection, the Monolift is beefy with a total weight of 62 pounds per pair. The weight is important because it feels a little taxing when moving the unit from one position to the next, especially after completing a set to failure.

While each part of the adjustable monolift attachment is heavy, that’s also a testament to the product’s build factor. In true Rogue fashion, the Monolift attachment is built like a tank. Rogue tested the unit to 1000+ pounds which should satisfy just about every athlete on the planet.

Dropping heavier weights into the Rogue Monster Monolift attachments J-Cups never gives me a heart attack because of the included UHMW plastic that protects my barbells. I have dropped 350 pounds down heavy into the J-cups using my EliteFTS SS Yoke safety squat bar and even the clear coat remained unfazed. If you know that bar, it’s prone to clear coat flaking issues.

The Rogue Monster Monolift attachment also comes equipped with two safety pins that are attached through the back of the unit to the front, which is then secured with a pin attachment.

The safety pins look great with large red handles, and they help to secure the unit from engaging in left and right shifting. The pins install and can be removed quickly, which makes movements a little bit easier.

The powder coat is also top-notch on this Rogue monolift attachment; this isn’t a surprise since Rogue Fitness uses a better powder coat than most of its competitors.

I’ve had some issues with Rogue products arriving in broken boxes, especially during the pandemic. This time, Rogue placed each of the Monolifts in their own boxes with their pins and then placed those boxes inside another box. The monolifts attachment arrived in flawless condition, as pictured.

While aesthetically, the Rogue Monster Monolift attachment is a top-notch product, where it excels is helping me avoid injury.

I’ve been increasing my squat weights, and it has been more comfortable moving up because I don’t have to walk back my bar to start squatting. I also suffer from sporadic shoulder pain, and reaching behind my head for bench presses is now a thing of the past. These may seem like slight improvements, but they make a massive difference.

The counterweight handles add to my safety by reducing the need to “walk out” my squats, and they also swing out of the way quickly, ensuring I can start lifting right when I lift my weights.

Because I’m already in place, it also makes it easier to set my barbells back into a resting position without searching for my J-Cups, a problem I’ve had in the past.

Overall, the Rogue Monster Monolift Attachment is a necessary part of my strength training and an excellent buy, even at $375 with shipping. The product is built like a tank, offers an added layer of safety, and provides an overall better user experience than standard J-cups.

You can check out the Rogust Monster Monolith product page here. A monster lite version is also available.

Rogue Monster Monolift Attachment

A must-have attachment for Rogue Monster Rack owners.
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