Rogue Velocidor Review: In-Depth Analysis & Expert Insights

Rogue Velocidor Review
Photo Credit: Rogue Fitness
Rogue Velocidor Review
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The Rogue Velocidor is a next-generation dip bar that provides for easy-to-change grip widths and angles. With this product, you can find comfortable dip angles while targeting different muscles.


  • The multiple grip angles and widths allow for additional muscle targeting.
  • The build quality is excellent.
  • The powder coat is excellent.
  • UHMW plastic inserts help protect your rack from steel-on-steel contact.
  • It’s overbuilt to Rogue standards.
  • Built-In storage system.
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • It’s expensive.
  • The Rogue Velocidor takes up a lot of space.
  • The storage option is nice, but you’ll still have to remove the product if you are using other attachments that require more space.

The Rogue Velocidor is a heavy-duty dip attachment designed for serious lifters looking to incorporate a dip station into their home gym. Compatible with Rogue Monster Rack or Monster Lite Rack systems, the Velocidor offers lifters the ability to customize their dip experience with multiple width and angle options. With a ton of versatility and durability, it’s the ideal choice for those who perform a lot of dips or weighted dips in their routine.

In this review, we will dive into the key features of the Rogue Velocidor and provide insights from real users and expert reviewers. We aim to deliver an unbiased analysis of the product, helping potential buyers make an informed decision on whether the Velocidor is worth the investment.

As you read on, you will learn about the different handle finish options, compatibility with various rack systems, and the stability provided by Velocidor’s attachment mechanism. This information will help you grasp the full potential of the Rogue Velocidor and determine if it’s the right dip attachment for your garage gym setup.

Rogue Velocidor Overview

The Rogue Velocidor is an adaptable dip attachment for your home gym setup. This rack-mounted design is available in Rogue Monster Velocidor and Rogue Monster Lite Velocidor. Both versions offer customization through different handle widths, angles, and finishes for a tailored workout. This section will explore each variant and highlight what makes the Rogue Fitness brand stand out.

Rogue Monster Velocidor

The Rogue Monster Velocidor is compatible with Rogue’s 3×3″ Monster Racks and Rigs, providing a sturdy and reliable dip station. This heavy-duty attachment attaches securely via an included 1″ detent pin, allowing for easy installation and removal on our Rogue RM-4 Power Rack 2.0 . It features two handle finish options and three different width options, accommodating lifters with different preferences and needs. The Rogue Monster Velocidor is ideal for those who perform a lot of dips or weighted dips in their routine.

Rogue Monster Lite Velocidor

The Rogue Monster Lite Velocidor, on the other hand, is designed for use with Rogue’s 3×3″ Monster Lite Racks and Rigs. Like its Monster counterpart, it attaches securely via a 5/8″ detent pin and offers the same customization options in handle finishes and widths. The Rogue Monster and Monster Lite Velocidors allow users to select the angle at which they perform their dips, making it a versatile addition to any home gym setup.

A Rogue Fitness Brand

Rogue Fitness is known for its high-quality, durable fitness equipment, and the Velocidor is no exception. As the next evolution of their popular Matador dip handle attachment, the Velocidor offers even more customization and adaptability for users. Rogue Fitness consistently proves that they are committed to producing innovative fitness equipment that meets the needs and preferences of a wide range of athletes, making them a reliable choice for your home gym needs.

Key Features

Rogue Velocidor
Photo Credit: Rogue Fitness

Build Quality

Constructed from 3×3” 7-gauge steel, the Velocidor offers exceptional durability and strength and features solid weld points that match the superior build quality Rogue has become known for providing to the most serious of gym enthusiasts.

Adjustable Width and Angle

The Rogue Velocidor is designed with user customization in mind, offering adjustable width and angle options to suit different user preferences and sizes. This versatile feature promotes greater comfort and customization while performing dips.

3 Handle Spacing Options:

  • Narrow: 13.5”
  • Standard: 17.25”
  • Wide: 21”

4 Handle Angle Positions:

  • Standard: 14 degrees (parallel to floor)
  • Straight: 0 degrees (parallel to each other and the floor)
  • Downward: Downward and outward angles of 7 degrees
  • Upward: Upward and outward angles of 7 degrees

The handles are kept in place with solid threadings, ensuring a simple change between each potential width and angle.

Rogue Velocidor Handle Threading
Photo Credit: Rogue Fitness

UHMW Plastic Coverings

The Velocidor is equipped with UHMW (Ultra-High Molecular Weight) plastic coverings to protect both the user and their equipment. These coverings help prevent damage to the power rack or other adjacent equipment while ensuring a smooth sliding motion for the adjustable handles.

UHMW plastic is now standard on new and upgraded Rogue products. If you care about the longevity of your rack, avoiding steel-on-steel contact is an important consideration.

Storage Mode

Velocidor Storage
Photo Credit: Rogue Fitness

Another notable feature of the Rogue Velocidor is its storage mode, which allows convenient handles storage when not in use. This design element helps to keep the gym area organized, safe, and clutter-free.

The storage unit flips the dip handle out of the way. Mixing up your routine with other attachments still requires removing the product. Thankfully removal takes all of five seconds.

By offering a range of adjustable options, handle specifications, UHMW plastic coverings, and a convenient storage mode, the Rogue Velocidor stands out as a versatile and user-friendly addition to any gym setup.

Versatility and Functionality

Dip Attachments

The Rogue Velocidor is a versatile and functional dip attachment for enhancing their upper body workout. With its unique design and features, it provides a customizable dip experience. The Velocidor offers two handle finish options and three width options, allowing users to adjust the dip bar to their preferred level of comfort and challenge. This feature makes it ideal for users with varying levels of fitness expertise.

If you choose the knurled handles, there are even three smooth sections that work a solid way to test different grip areas before finding and remembering the position that works best for you.

Rack Attachments

As previously mentioned, the Rogue Velocidor can be easily attached to existing 3×3″ Monster or Monster Lite rack/rig systems using the included detent pins (1″ for the Monster version and 5/8″ for the Monster Lite version).

If you have a different 3×3 setup, such as a rack from Rep Fitness, Bells of Steel, or Titan Fitness, you should also be able to use this product, although compatibility is not guaranteed.

In summary, the Rogue Velocidor provides a versatile and functional dip attachment that integrates well with existing equipment. Its customizable features and compatibility with various racks and rigs make it a valuable addition to any home gym or fitness center.

Assembly and Installation

Rogue Velocidor Knurled Knob Installation
Photo Credit: Rogue Fitness

Detent Pin Installation

Installing the Rogue Velocidor onto an existing 3×3″ Monster or Monster Lite rack/rig involves using a detent pin. This pin securely attaches the dip station to the rack, ensuring stability and safety during exercises. The detent pin comes in two sizes: a 1″ pin for the Monster version and a 5/8″ pin for the Monster Lite version.

To install the Velocidor, follow these simple steps:

  1. Position the Velocidor at the desired height and align its holes with the corresponding holes on the rack.
  2. Insert the appropriate detent pin through the aligned holes, ensuring that it clicks into place.
  3. If you have removable handles, slide the chosen handles into the Velocidor’s slots and lock them in place if necessary.
  4. Double-check the security of the installation before beginning any exercises.

With its customizable and easy-to-install design, the Rogue Velocidor offers users a versatile dip station tailored to their needs and workout preferences. Carefully following the assembly and installation instructions will help ensure the user’s safety and maximize the effectiveness of their upper body training sessions.

Price and Warranty

The Rogue Velocidor is expensive, but it’s also a high-quality piece of workout equipment. It’s important to note that Rogue does not offer free shipping for this product, which will further add to the cost. However, the sturdy construction and versatile features of the Rogue Velocidor justify its price for dedicated fitness enthusiasts.

In terms of warranty, the Rogue Velocidor is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty coverage assures customers that the company stands by the quality and durability of its product.

Pros and Cons

Rogue Fitness Velocidor Pin
Photo Credit: Rogue Fitness


The Rogue Velocidor offers several benefits for those looking to enhance their workouts with weighted dips and pull-ups. Its heavy-duty construction, as seen with many other fitness products from Rogue, ensures its durability and long-lasting performance.

One of the main advantages of the Velocidor is that the handles can be individually adjusted, allowing for a custom fit and targeting different muscles by altering the width and bar angle. This feature comes in handy for those who struggle with traditional parallel bars, providing a more comfortable and efficient workout experience.

The Velocidor is also designed to accommodate weighted dips, adding an extra challenge to conventional dip exercises. Its compatibility with Rogue Monster Rack or Monster Lite Rack makes it a versatile and practical addition to any home gym setup.


Despite its many advantages, there are a few drawbacks to consider regarding the Rogue Velocidor.

  • It is considered overbuilt and heavy, weighing 44.5 pounds. Due to its size, it adds considerable space to a rack with a length of about 29 inches, width of over two feet, and a height of one foot.
  • The product may be expensive for some users, especially considering its shipping cost, as it does not qualify for free shipping.
  • Another potential concern is the limited compatibility – it only fits 3×3 with certain hole placements, meaning users with different-sized racks or gym setups may need to explore alternative options.

Final Verdict

The Rogue Velocidor dip attachment is a solid investment for those who heavily incorporate dips into their workout routine or perform weighted dips. When examining the specs, several factors become evident.

Versatility is evident with the adjustable width and angle settings in the Velocidor. These options enable users to customize the dip attachment to suit their preferences and target specific muscle groups. Furthermore, including parallel bars adds to the overall functionality of the dip attachment, allowing users to switch between different exercise routines effortlessly.

In terms of weight, the Rogue Velocidor may be heavier, which could be a potential drawback for some users. However, this weight contributes to the attachment’s stability and robustness. The ability to seamlessly integrate with the Ohio Power Bar is another advantage the Velocidor provides, ensuring compatibility with a wide array of gym equipment.

In conclusion, the Rogue Velocidor dip attachment showcases remarkable functionality, versatility, and durability. With its adjustable settings and compatibility with various gym equipment

Check out the Rogue Velocidor product page for excellent customer reviews and more information.

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