The Best Rep Fitness Gym Equipment To Buy In 2021

Best Rep Fitness Gym Equipment
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Rep Fitness, a Colorado-based gym and fitness products company, is well-known among home gym and commercial gym owners for the company’s high-quality and surprisingly affordable equipment.

From dumbbells and barbells to functional trainers and weight plates, Rep Fitness has something for everyone.

Much of our own testing facility is comprised of products from the company so we thought it was time to compile a list of what we believe to be the best Rep Fitness products to buy.

Rep Fitness FT-5000 Functional Trainer

Rep FT-5000 Functional Trainer
Photo Credit: Rep Fitness

The Rep Fitness FT-5000 is the closest you’ll get to a commercial-quality functional trainer without paying a mind-boggling amount of money. Rep has this unit priced at just $1999 + shipping.

The unit features a solid 11-gauge steel frame that is incredibly sturdy. This is the same steel used in the company’s awesome power racks. Rep also uses the same two-layer electrostatic powder coating that we’ve come to expect from the gym equipment provider.

While many more expensive gym product providers rely on 200-pound weight stacks, Rep has chosen 220 pound stacks with a 2:1 weight ratio. The weights, when combined with the overall build of the functional trainer, bring the total weight to 1,001 pounds.

The Rep FT-5000 also features a solid pull-up bar system that allows for numerous hand placements to work various muscles.

Check out all of the specs for this Rep Functional Trainer and see some pretty amazing user reviews here.

Rep Fitness AB-5000 Zero Gap Adjustable Bench

Rep AB-5000 Zero Gap Adjustable Bench
Photo Credit: Rep Fitness

The Rep Fitness AB-5000 features a unique zero-gap backrest that the company claims allow for a more comfortable experience. We happen to agree with Rep’s claim, although there is still a very small gap that is needed mechanically to operate the full incline and decline of the bench.

Speaking of inclining and declining, this is a bench that does it all with flat, incline, and decline positions that include 7 back pad adjustments and 4 seat pad adjustments. For an extra $89.99 you can even purchase an attachable leg roller for the bench.

The Rep Fitness AB-5000 features a unique pin and pop system with quality bearings that allow you to adjust your positioning in just one second. The 11-gauge steel frame is also incredibly solid for support up to 1,000 pounds.

The bench also moves quickly around any gym. If you use your bench for various movements during HiiT and other interval training routines, the ability to move between countdown timers is a must-have feature for any weight bench.

You can see all of the features for the Rep AB-5000 and check out a bunch of user reviews here.

Rep Bumper Plates

Rep Bumper Plates
Photo Credit: Rep Fitness

The Rep Fitness Bumper Plates, available in both black and color options are among my favorite home gym-based products. I recently reviewed Rep Black Bumper Plates and found them to be on-part with Rogue’s bumper plates but with better pricing and a few other advantages.

The first huge advantage for these bumper plates is that the 10-pound option come in at a slightly thicker than normal one-inch. While this means you’ll load up slightly less weight on your bar, it also helps prevent tacoing which occurs when 10-pound weights are dropped on their own. Rep does make up for their thicker 10-pound plates by slimming down the company’s heavier bumpers to below industry average.

The Rep Black Bumper Plates offer a nice low bounce that add a nice layer of safety, while their solid raised lettering is easy to read when grabbing black bumpers. The color bumper plates are even easier to spot with bold Olympic-based color coding.

The collars that hold to Olympic-sized barbells feel solidly attached to each weight plate and Rep Fitness says they are factory-tested to withstand at least 12,000 drops before failure.

Rep Fitness sells its bumper plates in pairs with 10-pound weights starting at just $49.

Rep offers a bumper plate warranty of 6 months for 10 and 15 lb plates for home and commercial use and 3 years for all other weight sizes for home use and 1-year for commercial use.

You can check out the full specs and user reviews for the Rep Bumper Plates here.

Rep Fitness GHD

Photo Credit: Rep Fitness

I recently became the proud owner of a Rep GHD and my hamstrings and glutes have never felt better as I discuss in my Rep Fitness GHD review.

First, I have to admit I was incredibly shocked at the very low $399 price tag which puts units from Rogue and even Titan Fitness to shame. Second, I remain shocked that the quality of this product is worth double the purchase price.

The Rep GHD is only 150 pounds which means it’s very easy to move around any space with help from its attached wheels along with two handy resistance band handles that I use to pick up one end of the GHD.

Speaking of resistance bands, this is a nice option that provides additional training with my GHD. If you’ve used this product at your local gym you likely know that basic movements are limited. While I use a lot of modified exercises I’ve created for myself, I also like to add bands to increase the difficulty of Sorenson holds, glute and hamstring raises, and even sit ups.

The Rep Fitness GHD relies on a pop pin and screw system to easily move the included foot plate back and force and to adjust the foot plate up and down. It’s a very nice system that allows for quick switches while providing for a sturdy hold during even my most intense GHD workouts.

Rep Includes a decent footplate that fits my own size 10.5 shoe really well, I do wish it was slightly bigger. There is also a foot step that makes getting on and off the GHD simple. Finally, Rep Fitness includes to handles that are great for pulling your body up and steadying yourself during exercises.

You can see all the specs and read user reviews for the Rep Fitness GHD here.

REP 3-In-1 Soft Plyo Boxes

Rep Fitness 3-in-1 Plyo Boxes
Photo Credit: Rep Fitness

The Rep 3-in-1 Soft Plyo boxes are a mainstay in my garage gym. Rep offers three versions of the box, the small size features 16, 18, and 20-inch sizes while the medium box comes in at 16, 20, and 24-inches. The large box features 20, 24, and 30-inch sizes. The weight of the boxes is 27lbs, 34lbs, and 58lbs, respectively.

I personally use the medium version of the Rep 3-in-1 Soft Ply boxes for both leg workouts and box squats, among other movements. Rep created this box by taking a traditional wooden plyo box and surrounding it with dense foam which is then surrounded by a thick vinyl covering.

I’ve been using my Rep 3-in-1 ply box for about 6 months now and the padding has held up to a daily beating.

The boxes grip really well to my rubber flooring but should not be used on garage floor coating, directly on cement or on wood flooring as they slide around a lot during movements.

A nice benefit of these boxes is that the vinyl covering is replaceable for just $20 should the need arise.

You can learn more about the Rep 3-in-1 plyo boxes and see a bunch of user reviews here.

Rep Fitness Kettlebells

Rep Fitness Kettlebells
Photo Credit: Rep Fitness

In my Rep Fitness Kettlebells review, I noted that they are among my favorite option on the market. These kettlebells combine a very nice powder coat with a textured handle that makes gripping the bells easy and comfortable. The powder coat also does a great job of holding chalk for an even better grip.

The Rep Kettlebells, which come in pounds (hard to get right now) and kilograms (almost always in stock), feature clear weight markets thanks to colored collars at the base of each handle. Rep also embosses its logo and weight markets on each kettlebell. I purchased the KG weights but they also show the weight by pounds on each piece.

The machine shopped base doesn’t rock at all, it’s so solid that I use the kettlebells during some push-ups and other movements.

The handle grips are right on target with other kettlebells on the market, starting at 30mm for 4kg weights and jumping up to 40mm when you hit between 62-pounds and the max weight of 106-pounds.

The price is also excellent starting at just $16 for a single 10-pound Kettlebell and $19 for a 4kg/9-pound option.

You can learn more about the Rep Kettlebells and see a bunch of happy user reviews here.

Rep V2 Sleeve Battle Rope

Rep Fitness V2 Sleeve Battle Rope
Photo Credit: Garage Gym Products

The Rep Fitness V2 Sleeve battle rope is used almost every day in our garage gym testing facility. Starting at just $60 for a 1.5″ by 30-foot rope and climbing up to 2.0″ by 50 feet for a still-impressive $135, this is one of the cheapest and yet strongest battle ropes on the market.

Rep Fitness provides a 100% pure polydacron material which provides a really nice “wave” action that will work your shoulders and entire upper body without placing additional stress on your body. That polydacron material is covered in a shockingly great sleeve that has held up to nine-months of every day use in our gym.

Much like other battle ropes, the size of the rope affects the weight. Here are the different options by weight:

  • 1.5″ x 30 ft – 18 lbs
  • 1.5″ x 50 ft – 28 lbs
  • 2.0″ x 30 ft – 30 lbs
  • 2.0″ x 50 ft – 46 lbs

Rep Fitness provides a one-year warranty on this product when used on rubber or turf surfaces. Rep also offers an anchor which you can buy to fully secure the V2 battle rope.

Check out reviews for the Rep V2 battle ropes and see pricing by each size here.

Rep Drop Pad

Rep Drop Pad
Photo Credit: Rep Fitness

I recently posted my Rep Drop Pad review right after I fell in love with this product. Over the summer I had brand new polyaspartic flooring laid down in my garage and while I have solid rubber flooring, I was looking for additional protection.

The Rep Drop Pad costs $199 for a pair of pads and for that price you receive two pads that offer a high-density foam that is great at absorbing any noise your heaviest weights can throw at it. The drop pads also lower bounce from a barbell, creating a safer experience when performing drops from above your head.

I really like that Rep Fitness has placed exhaust vents along the middle of the pads sides, a move that relieves pressure while decreasing bounce. The vents should also help the Rep Drop Pad last longer since it removes stress caused by air build-up during drops.

The vinyl is very strong and so are the attached handles which are firm while providing enough space for a solid grip.

I highly recommend this newer Rep Fitness product. You can purchase the Rep Drop Pad here.

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