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Rep Fitness Kettlebell
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Rep Fitness Kettlebell
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The Rep Fitness Kettlebell is a solid buy that offers excellent balance, a solid grip that holds chalk really well, and a decent-sized handgrip. 


  • Holds chalk well.
  • Excellent Balance.
  • Great price for the value.


  • The powder could be slightly improved.

The Rep Fitness Kettlebells are a mainstay in my personal garage gym and kettlebells are a daily part of my workout routines. Pictured is the 14KG (~31 pounds) option. These particular bells have been used in my gym for the last six months and they’ve been standing up decently to a rigorous workout routine.

My first impression upon opening my Rep Fitness Kettlebells shipment was that the coloring for the weight size really stood out, with the color-coding wrapped around the handles ensuring I can easily spot which kettlebells I want to grab. Rep Fitness has also done a great job of embossing its logo across the front of the kettlebell. Admittedly, the actual weight numbers could be a bit more pronounced, a problem that I routinely have with kettlebells.

The Rep Kettlebells feel great in my hands, when I use chalk it sticks to the handles with ease and remains in place, when I’m working on my grip strength a quick cleaning with some 3-in-1 oil helps ensure a more smooth but still stable grip.

Handle width ranges from 30 to 40mm which is perfectly aligned with options from Rogue, Fringe Sport, Kettlebell Kings, and others. Since I perform a lot of dynamic moves with my kettlebells, a standardized handgrip size is important.

One qualm I’ve had with my Rep Fitness kettlebells is a little bit of chipping that occurred on two of my kettlebells before I replaced my garage floor. The products rolled over onto their handles and a little bit of chipping occurred on what appears to be an otherwise solid powder coat.

I use Rogue Chalk with my equipment and Rep Fitness has created a solid coating that holds chalk competently with a noticeably more solid grip when applied. I highly recommend using these kettlebells with chalk when HiiT or CrossFit training leaves your hands sweaty and your grip lacking.

The solid iron design ensures these kettlebells will withstand some hardcore use and drops while the flat base is nice and sturdy.

My 14KG kettlebells cost $44 plus shipping. Given the quality of the product, I believe this is a more than fair price for a quality product.

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Rep Fitness

Rep Fitness Kettlebell

A solid kettlebell with great balance and grip.
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