Rep Fitness Kettlebell Review And Info

Rep Fitness Kettlebell
Photo Credit: Garage Gym Products
Rep Fitness Kettlebell
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The Rep Fitness Kettlebell is a solid buy that offers excellent balance, a solid grip that holds chalk really well, and a decent-sized handgrip. 


  • Holds chalk well.
  • Excellent Balance.
  • Great price for the value.


  • The powder could be slightly improved.

The Rep Fitness Kettlebells are a mainstay in my garage gym, and kettlebells are a daily part of my workout routines.

Pictured is the 14 kg (~31 pounds) option. These particular bells have been used in my gym for the past several years, and they’ve been standing up to my various rigorous workout routines.

Rep Fitness Kettlebell Design

My first impression upon opening my Rep Fitness Kettlebells shipment was that the coloring for the weight size stood out, with the color-coding wrapped around the handles ensuring I could easily spot which kettlebells I wanted to grab.

Rep Fitness has also done a great job of embossing its logo across the front of the kettlebell, which is aesthetically pleasing, something I know some home gym owners look for in their products.

Admittedly, the actual weight numbers could be a bit more pronounced, and that’s a problem I routinely have with kettlebells. However, Rep Fitness provides both lbs and kg weight indicators, which makes up for the lack of pronounced lettering and numbering.

Because kettlebells often feature similar designs, my first go-to test is the grip featured on the product.
The Rep Kettlebells feel great in my hands with the 14kg option, which features a 32mm grip diameter.

It’s important to note that the handle size increases as you move up in weight class with the Rep Fitness Kettlebells.

Rep Fitness Kettlebells - Main Specs

WeightColorHandle Diameter

Suppose you have small hands but want to lift heavy. In that case, I highly recommend checking out our list of the Best Kettlebells, which features a budget-friendly competition kettlebell from Titan Fitness that maintains its handle diameter regardless of weight.

The handles on this product provide a very nice texture which aids in grip, and the excellent powder coat provides a nice sticking point for chalk.

Rep Fitness Kettlebells Grip Texture
Photo Credit: Rep Fitness

I perform many Crossfit and HiiT-based exercises and often have sweaty hands by the end of my workout. I’ve never felt as though any of my Rep Fitness Kettlebells were going to slip from my hands, regardless of my workout intensity.

Rep Fitness Kettlebells Build Factor

One of the most significant benefits of the Rep Fitness Kettlebells is the gravity die-cast method used to create the product. This manufacturing technique results in durable and precise kettlebells with smooth handles and a perfectly flat base. 

I work out in a garage gym, meaning my floor has a slight natural slope. I have never felt like the kettlebells would roll away from me, and placing them down at near failure has always led to each bell laying immediately flat.

The kettlebells are also perfectly balanced thanks to the gravity die-cast production method. When I swing the kettlebells, they feel perfectly balanced.

In weighing my 14kg option, I can also confidently say that Rep Fitness hit the weight tolerance perfectly, another product of gravity die-casting.

Rep Fitness kettlebell review and info
Photo Credit: Rep Fitness

One qualm I’ve had with my Rep Fitness kettlebells is a little chipping that occurred on two of my kettlebells before I replaced my garage floor. The first chipping occurred when I accidentally kicked over one of my unit’s and the other occurred because of a small drop from barely 2 feet in the air.

Truthfully, chipping and rusting are common on even my more expensive kettlebells. Still, I would like better coating on all kettlebells, even from my favorite manufacturers, such as Rep Fitness.

Speaking of coating, the matte black finish features a nicely applied coating that looks great. These kettlebells are cheaper than Rogue’s similar products and offer free shipping, making them a very attractive option.

My 14KG Rep Fitness kettlebells cost $64.99 with free shipping. Given the quality of the product, I believe this is a more than fair price for a quality product.

Rep Fitness Kettlebell

A solid kettlebell with great balance and grip.
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