Here’s Why Onnit Kettlebells Deliver A Premium Experience

Onnit Kettlebells
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As a home gym enthusiast who spends way more time than they should in their home gym, I have experienced firsthand the transformative power of the right equipment in optimizing workout results. One tool that has continually stood out in its versatility and efficacy is the kettlebell. However, not all kettlebells are created equal. While Onnit Kettlebells have carved a niche for themselves with the Onnit Primal Kettlebells lineup, their premium kettlebells offer a more traditional and excellent option.

Onnit Kettlebells: Gravity Cast for Consistency and Durability

Onnit’s commitment to delivering high-quality, uncompromising products is reflected in its kettlebells.

The kettlebells are created through a premium gravity-cast molding process, known for their precision in crafting the perfect kettlebell. Unlike other kettlebells cast by hand or machine, this process ensures consistent weight and size, eliminating the risk of variations.

The process is also much safer than traditional methods. When kettlebells are not gravity cast they are often made out of multiple pieces of iron or with plastic plugs which could potentially lose connection during workouts.

Onnit kettlebells are not just robust, but they are also designed for the most challenging workouts. You’ll quickly discover that these kettlebells are designed to handle it flawlessly whether you’re snatching, pressing, or swinging. Gravity casting creates a near-perfect balance which helps stabilize even the most intense movements during high-intensity workouts and heavy kettlebell swings.

Optimized for Performance: Powder Finish for Superior Grip And An Ergonomic Handle Design

Onnit has paid meticulous attention to the finishing of their kettlebells. They come with a chip-resistant powder finish, guaranteeing a professional-grade kettlebell with more traction and a superior grip. This ensures that fatigue and sweaty hands won’t deter you from reaching your workout goals.

In our experience, the powder coat does a great job holding chalk, and the texture found on Onnit kettlebell handles is what we’ve come to expect from the top manufacturers of this type of product.

These Onnit kettlebells are designed to be smooth enough for stamina-building work sets without irritating your hands, yet textured enough for heavy strength work. This means they are comfortable and functional, ensuring optimal performance and durability for all your workouts.

User-friendly Design: Color Coded for Easy Identification

Onnit Kettlebell Color Coding
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Onnit kettlebells are sold individually in weights ranging from 4 kg to 32 kg, and they are strategically color-coded. This feature allows you to identify the right weight at a glance, even during the most intense workout sessions. It eliminates the time and guesswork involved in finding the right kettlebell, ensuring you’ll never accidentally hoist two mismatched weights over your head again.

As someone who loves HiiT style workouts incorporating kettlebells, I won’t touch a product if it doesn’t have brightly color-coded weight markers.

Onnit Kettlebell Weight Options and Color Coding.csv

6 kg13 lbDark Blue
8 kg18 lbPink
12 kg26 lbLight Blue
16 kg35 lbYellow
20 kg44 lbPurple
24 kg53 lbGreen
28 kg62 lbOrange
32 kg70 lbRed


  • A ton of weight options.
  • Excellent color-coding
  • Enlarged handles for one- or two-handed grips
  • Smooth, non-slippery finish
  • Made out of solid cast iron construction


  • A full set is very expensive.
  • Mostly available online which makes hands-on testing difficult.
  • The grip type might not be right for everyone.

Onnit Vs. Rogue Kettlebells

Rogue Kettlebells
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We noticed a lot of questions online from people who wanted to know if Onnit kettlebells hold their own against one of the industry’s highest-quality gym companies, Rogue Fitness. Rogue is no stranger to the fitness industry and is widely popular, but Onnit brings some serious creativity. With their Primal Bells, Zombie Bells, and even Star Wars Bells, Onnit wins on the grounds of innovation and just plain fun. Who wouldn’t want to swing a 72 lb Gorilla or a 90 lb Bigfoot kettlebell? And as we said in our Primal Kettlebell review, they are shockingly well balanced, given their unique design features.

On the other side, Rogue has some compelling features of its own. Their new kettlebells are proudly manufactured in the United States, a major factor for those who prefer American-made equipment. Rogue kettlebells are cast in ductile iron, making them tougher than your average iron.

One noteworthy advantage of the new Rogue kettlebells is that they are approved for use in the US Army Combat Fitness Test. However, it’s worth mentioning that Rogue does not offer a military discount. At the same time, Onnit does provide discounts for military personnel and first responders, along with a loyalty points program for future purchases.

Another aspect to consider is the weight range. Rogue offers some seriously heavy kettlebells, ranging from 124 to 203 pounds. If you’re looking to build an entire set that includes these heavyweights, Rogue would be an excellent choice.

Functionality-wise, assuming the kettlebells perform similarly, Onnit has built its reputation as the undefeated champion of unconventional training. They provide many articles and free workouts for kettlebell enthusiasts, making it a great resource, especially for budget-conscious home gym owners. You won’t have to invest in a separate coach or training plan immediately.

Regarding value, Rogue’s ductile iron kettlebells made in the USA offer a compelling proposition. However, Onnit Kettlebells are not to be overlooked. They offer high quality at competitive prices, and their range of creative options is unmatched.

Ultimately, the choice between Onnit and Rogue comes down to personal preferences and specific needs. Both brands bring their unique strengths to the table, ensuring a solid workout experience. So, take your pick and get swinging!

As you can see in the picture above, we use Rogue Kettlebells in our garage gym, but we also use options from Rep Fitness (our favorite for the quality and price), Onnit, Kettlebell Kings, and Sorinex and they all offer excellent build qualities that won’t steer you wrong.

Frequently Asked Onnit Kettlebell Questions (FAQs)

1. Are Onnit kettlebells suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Onnit kettlebells offer a range of weight options, including lighter ones specifically designed for beginners. Starting with a weight that allows you to maintain proper form and technique is essential. Gradually increase the weight as you gain strength and confidence.

2. Can Onnit kettlebells be used for cardio workouts?

Certainly! Onnit kettlebells are versatile tools that can be incorporated into various cardio exercises, such as kettlebell swings and snatches. These movements engage large muscle groups and elevate heart rate, making them an effective option for cardiovascular training.

3. How do I choose the right weight for my fitness level?

Selecting the right weight depends on your current strength and fitness level. As a general guideline, beginners may start with a kettlebell weighing 8-16 kg (18-35 lbs), while more experienced individuals can opt for heavier options. Choosing a weight that challenges you without sacrificing proper form is essential.

4. Can Onnit kettlebells be used for rehabilitation purposes?

Yes, Onnit kettlebells can be utilized for rehabilitation exercises under the guidance of a qualified professional. These kettlebells can help improve stability, mobility, and muscle strength during recovery.

5. How should I maintain my Onnit kettlebells?

To ensure the longevity of your Onnit kettlebells, storing them in a dry environment and avoiding exposing them to moisture or extreme temperatures is recommended. Regularly wipe them down with a clean cloth to remove sweat or residue.

6. Are Onnit kettlebells worth the investment?

Absolutely! Onnit kettlebells offer exceptional quality, durability, and versatility. They are an investment in your fitness journey, providing a reliable and effective training tool that lasts a lifetime.

Whether you want a standard Onnit Kettlebell, one of their Primal kettlebells, or any other option the company dreams up, we’re confident you’ll love what you get for the money you’ll spend.

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