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Rep Fitness AB 5000 FID
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Rep Fitness Rep AB-5000
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The Rep Fitness Rep AB-5000 is one of the best FID’s on the market and the best buy for the money. 


  • Super solid build (It’s built like a tank).
  • Sturdy premium quality backrest and seat.
  • Footpads offer an excellent grip. 
  • It doesn’t wobble during intense movements.
  • A very nice wide backrest that supports heavy lifts.



  • Leg attachment is sold separately.
  • Decline elevation isn’t as strong as other benches.

If you’re in the market for an overbuilt, rock-solid, beast of a weight bench, the Rep Fitness AB-5000 is one of the best options on the market. With the company’s patent-pending “zero-gap” build, this bench has quickly become a favorite among gym enthusiasts. The benches shockingly low price has led to regular “sold out” notices on the Rep Fitness website.

Built with 11-gauge steel, the AB-5000 is rated for 1,100 pounds which is more than enough weight capacity for 99.99% of all us mere mortals.

When building this bench, Rep Fitness was sure to offer additional support at every turn. Take for example the three metal beams that support the very sturdy premium-padded backrest. Rep Fitness definitely understands that with incline and decline movements on this bench, proper support is paramount. The bench also provides a full steel seat plate that is sure to keep your bench rocking for years.

The steel pop-pins that provide adjustment stability are built with the same precision we’ve come to expect from Rep Fitness benches and the laser-etched numbering adds an extra bit of premium look.

The wheels on the AB-5000 I used are premium and roll with ease. This is important because most of my routines involve HiiT and CrossFit in which I am interval training with only 15 second rest periods between movements and I often move my bench in and out of my rack for safety purposes.

Getting to what really matters for many people on Reddit and other forums. The zero-gap technology is awesome. It truly feels like using a flat bench. To be honest, I almost never feel the gap on other benches. In fact, my go-to bench, the Prime Fitness Adjustable Bench, feels about the same but that’s may just be my lack of paying attention to such a small detail while lifting.

The decline function is very competent with numerous angles that can be utilized just like the Prime Fitness FID. You’ll need to purchase the optional $89 AB-5000/5100 leg attachment if you want to take full advantage of the decline option. Once attached, you can work on decline movements with almost zero movement thanks to the benches heavy build that doesn’t wobbly during even my most intense CrossFit movements.

For the money, this is my favorite weight bench. While I’ve only had the chance to use it in the wild, it would be in my top three choices for my next garage gym bench, at least in terms of a truly capable FID.

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Rep Fitness Rep AB-5000

The Rep Fitness AB-5000 is by far the best FID bench for the money.
Buy Now For $499.00

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