Awesomely Unique Kettlebells For Your Home Gym

Unique Kettlebells
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Ninety-nine percent of the time I choose function over looks when it comes to gym equipment. The other one percent of the time, I shop around for unique kettlebells that add a bit of fun to my garage gym.

From gorillas to zombies, there are a few awesomely unique kettlebells that offer big lifts along with a splash of fun.

Right now, the most functional but fun options are available from Onnit, known for their Iron Man kettlebell which is no longer for sale), and Fringe Sport.

Onnit Primal Kettlebells

Primal Bigfoot Kettlebells
Photo Credit: Onnit

The Onnit Primal Kettlebells are some of the most popular theme-based products of their kind. As the name suggests, these unique kettlebells feature a different primate based on each weight selection.

Onnit starts with the 18-pound Howler kettlebell and ended with the 90.28-pound bigfoot bell. You can see all the designs and sizes here.

One of my favorite parts about these kettlebells is the enlarged handle size which forced grip strength work. The handles feature a nice texture that provides a good hold both with and without chalk.

Each of these unique kettlebells are well-balanced with a flat base and Onnit has taken extra care to ensure the powder coat is evenly distributed, not a simple task given all of the detail put into each of these bells.

I personally love the Primal bells and find them to be a great fit for various kettlebell exercises

Here’s a video of the 90.28-pound Bigfoot bell in action.

Check out all of the Onnit Primal Kettlebells here.

Fringe Sport Premium Grenade Kettlebell

Fringe Sport Premium Grenade Kettlebell
Photo Credit: Fringe Sport

If you want to blow up your gains while looking like you’re actually about to blow up, the Fringe Sport premium grenade kettlebell is a great way to go.

This 62 pound (28KG) kettlebell might look like it’s going to explode but it’s actually a high-quality kettlebell that offers an enhanced texture for a solid grip, both with and without chalk.

Fringe Sport guarantees an accurate weight without tolerance claims. These unique kettlebells are perfectly balanced and offer a machined bottom that allows for modified push-ups and other maneuvers.

Finally, the Fringe Sport Grenade Kettlebell is cast from a single piece of cast iron, making for a solid piece of gym equipment.

You can check out the Fringe Sport Grenade Kettlebell and get more info here.

Onnit Legend Kettlebells

Cyclops Kettlebells from Onnit
Photo Credit: Onnit

Onnit really knows how to strike a balance between functionality and quirkiness with its unique kettlebells and that’s why they’ve made this list twice. The Onnit Legend Bells are a KG-based weight option that comes in three sizes.

The bells include the 12KG Harpy, a 20kg Cyclops (pictured), and a 28kg Werewolf. Much like the Primal kettlebells, they feature a solid textured grip that works well without chalk and really shines when chalk is added into the fix.

While they may feature some quirky designs, they are still perfectly balanced with a machined flat base that makes them perfect for body-weighted exercises along with typical kettlebell workouts.

You can check out the Legend Bells unique design and functionality in this video:

Want to pick one up? Check out user reviews and current pricing here.

Fringe Sport 20kg Premium Skull Kettlebell

Once again, Fringe Sport has gone all-in with a “guaranteed weight” promise for its unique kettlebells. The Premium Skull Kettlebell is a custom option that’s both fully functional and a little bit creepy.

Fringe Sport offers a premium textured handle that is built for a solid grip with and without chalk. The handle on this kettlebell features a middle-of-the-road thickness that will help you work on grip strength while still maintaining a solid grip. The handle fits two hands for KB swings which is a nice plus.

The 20KG (44-pound) bell is 6-inches wide and 10-inches tall while featuring a handle that is 5″ wide and 1.375″ in diameter.

The Fringe Sports 20kg premium skull kettlebell is also created from a single piece of cast iron.

Check out user reviews and current pricing here.

While a fun design can add a bit of motivation and excitement to your home gym, keep in mind that there’s a premium cost associated with purchasing a unique kettlebell. You may also find some designs to be slightly more restrictive during certain movements.

Personally, I like something like the Onnit Primal Bigfoot kettlebell for big swings, not because of the design, but rather because Onnit built the product with an oversized handle that helps me work on grip strength.

If you’re not in the market for unique kettlebells and Looking for something more traditional, check out our review of the Rep Fitness kettlebells. Rep Fitness kettlebells, available in both KG and LB are among our favorites based on both build factors and price.

Do you have a favorite unique kettlebell that you use? If it’s still available for sale, drop us a comment and we’ll take a look at user reviews and maybe try to get our hand on the product.

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