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Rep Drop Pad
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The Rep Drop Pad is what happens when a gym equipment company takes the basic concept of a simple product, adds some nice bells and whistles, and releases it to the public. Having recently reviewed the $149.99 Titan Fitness Silencer Drop Pads I have to admit, spending the extra $50 to upgrade to Rep Fitness’ higher-end option is a choice I will make every time moving forward.

The Rep Drop Pad features a high-quality covering that’s thick enough to withstand heavy drops and strong enough that carrying the units by their handles doesn’t stretch the material (an issue we saw with our Titan Fitness review). Speaking of the product’s handles, they are built with strong nylon and provide just enough room to fit your hand in place. The handles feel high quality and provide a thicker grip with additional stitching that should add to their longevity.

Rep Drop Pad Side and Handle View
Photo Credit: Garage Gym Products

Dropping a few hundred pounds from overhead provides a very positive experience, removing almost all noise from the process with a massive reduction in barbell vibration. Reducing vibration is very important for our purposes thanks to a newly installed polyspartic floor in our garage testing facility. Reduced vibration on your barbells also keeps them in the best shape possible over time.

Adding to the Rep Drop Pads are vent circles that allow air to escape and reenter the pads, the vents should help with longevity since they release air pressure and then allow new air to flow into the product, preserving the dense foam insulation.

Rep Drop Pad Vent View
Photo Credit: Garage Gym Products

Speaking of the foam used by Rep Fitness, it’s a dense material that feels commercial in quality. Unlike cheaper options, there seems to be no expense wasted on the inner part of the Rep Drop Pads. One issue we’ve noticed with the more dense options is that they can provide a significant bounce when heavier weights are dropped. Rep appears to have largely solved this issue by adding strong vents that allow the barbell to settle quickly into the pad after making the initial contact.

The dense foam found inside the Red Drop Pad is protected by a solid zipper that is reinforced to ensure no splitting occurs when dropping weights or carrying the pads between locations.

The size of the pads is pretty standard compared to other drop pads with a footprint of 29.5″ x 22.5″ x 5″. As noted, we recently reviewed the Titan Silencer Drop pads which are thicker at 6″ yet the noise and vibration reduction were not as strong as the option from Rep Fitness.

The Rep Drop Pad ships in a pair. You can learn more about the pads here.

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