Best Weighted Dip Belts For Under $60

Rep Fitness Weighted Dip Belt
Photo Credit: Rep Fitness

Want to add a new level of difficulty and resistance to your workouts? We’ve collected a list of the best weighted dip belts on the market that will cost you less than $60 with shipping included. These dip belts offer different materials and sizes and are sure to elevate your pull-ups, dips, and various other exercises. We’ve combined our own personal experiences with several belts along with thousands of reviews from buyers. Here’s our list of various dip belts to choose from.

Best Weighted Dip Belts – The Rep Dip Belt

Rep Fitness Weighted Dip Belt
Photo Credit: Rep Fitness

We love products from Rep Fitness and the REP Dip Belt is no exception. The belt features a one-size fits all design and fits well across my 34-inch waste. I use the belt for pull-ups, dips, squats, and various walking movements performed with help from my Titan Fitness Functional Trainer.

The belt width is just 3.75 inches which allows for a strong hold along my waist and hips without restriction my range of motion. If you’ve used a thicker belt or a stiffer leather belt, you’re likely aware of how they can get in the way during certain movements.

With UPS shipping my order came to $49.89, just making the $50 cut for our list of the best weighted dip belts. You can learn more about the Rep Dip Belt here.

Dark Iron Fitness Leather Weight Lifting Dip Belt

Dark Iron Fitness Leather Weight Lifting Dip Belt
Photo Credit: Amazon

If you’re looking for a more stiff option, the leather weight lifting belt from Dark Iron is an excellent option. We found this belt on Amazon and were immediately impressed by the number of four and five-star reviews it received. The $39.99 price tag with free Prime two-day shipping is also a nice perk.

This unit comes with carabiner clips that feel strong and a “chain” that is actually a piece of material that connects to the belt. We absolutely love that the typical chain is replaced with a 40″ heavy duty weight nylon strap that can hold over 270 pounds. If you’ve ever had a chain rubbing up against your legs while wearing shorts during workouts you’ll understand the benefit of this chain replacement.

The belt offers a mid-level thickness but is more stiff than the Rep Weighted Dip Belt because it’s made from 100% real leather.

Dark Iron Fitness adds some nice padding to make up for the stiffness of the weighted dip belt. The company also provide easy one-size fits all adjustments for weight and height.

You can learn more about this choice for best weighted dip belts by clicking here.

DMoose Fitness Dip Belt

Dmoose Best Weighted Dip Belt
Photo Credit: Amazon

The Dmoose Fitness Dip Belt is an impressively priced $32.49 on Amazon. For that price and some nice usability this option makes our list for the best weighted dip belts.

DMoose Fitness is on the more thick end of the spectrum when it comes to weighted belts. The belt also features double stitching to help it hold up against heavier lifts. When we’re placing weight on our body, the reinforced stitching is a welcomed addition. It also offers a 36″ steel chain which hangs down below personal areas on my 5’10” frame.

The steel feels fairly solid. DMoose says it’s a “premium steel” but it feels pretty par for the course in my opinion.

Users on Amazon have raved about the comfort of the belt. Reviewers have noted that it provides padding protection around D-Rings and other areas. Those areas can sometimes cause other belts to “cut in” to your skin.

One thing to note with the DMoose belt is that several people have complained about poor quality carabiners. We have so many spring clips laying around our gym that this isn’t a big consideration on our part, but it might be for others.

You can check out the current price and see a ton of reviews here.

Harbinger Polypropylene Dip Belt with Steel Chain

Harbinger Weighted Dip Belts
Photo Credit: Amazon / Harbinger

The Harbinger weighted dip belt was added to this list because it was the first belt I ever used in a commercial gym. I started using this $34.99 polypropylene belt for simple weighted walking on a functional trainer and then slowly moved up to dip and pull-up support.

The belt features a 30-inch steel chain which admittedly might not be a great fit for anyone over six feet tall. Take a look at the guy in the picture and it’s easy to see how a 45-pound weight could get in the way if you’re taller

Harbinger says the belt features high quality heavy-duty steel grommets, although several reviewers have said that they had issues when approaching close to 200-pounds. 200 pounds is a lot of weight to add to dips and pull-ups so most users are going to be fine with this belt.

Harbinger’s weighted dip belt is one-size-fits-all and it’s a truly comfortable belt in my opinion. Harbinger uses a contoured back to provide support and it really does help disperse the load across my entire backside.

I watched this belt being used by hundreds of people at a commercial gym for well over a year. Over time, the dip belt held up surprisingly well to daily use. I have a pair of Harbinger wrist wraps that have held up surprisingly well for the past 6 months. While the company’s quality isn’t always at the top of the pack, their stuff has always lasted for me.

You can see more than 1500 mostly positive reviews and get the most current pricing for the Harbinger weighted dip belt by clicking here.

Spud, Inc. Heavy Duty Dip Belt

Spud Inc Heavy Duty Dip Belt
Photo Credit: Amazon / Spud, Inc.

If you’ve purchased various weight lifting straps and you’ve sought out high-quality options you’ve likely come across the weighted dip belts from Spun, Inc. We recently reviewed and raved about the Spud Inc Hanging Ad Straps.

Admittedly, this option is pushed our list to $60 instead of our originally intended $50 price point. We couldn’t in good conscious skip over this belt. Spud Inc. does an amazing job of reinforcing their products with double stitching that features a wider material than most stitches.

The chain on this option is just two-feet, making it a better option for shorter lifters. The back pad is also pretty narrow at 10″ x 6″. We place this belt on par with the Rep Fitness weighted dip belt, but at a more premium price.

We absolutely love the two steel clips that Spud, Inc providers with the belt. The clips feel stronger than others we have used. The clips also connect to two very thich and solid rings that are held in place by thick material.

One thing to note about Spud Inc’s dip belt is that the back material is placed right in the center of the back and then supported by thinner material. If you have a wider frame, this probably isn’t the weight belt for you, as the straps may dig into your sides. I’m 200 pounds and it just makes the cut for me.

You can see more pictures, reviews reviews, and get current pricing here.

Best Budget Buy – Rip Toned Dip Belt

Rip Toned Dip Belt With Chain
Photo Credit: Amazon / Rip Toned

If you’re looking for the ultimate budget buy for weighted dip belt, the Rip Toned option might be your best bet. Priced at just $24.97 with free Amazon Prime shipping, this belt offers the best bang for your buck.

The Rip Toned product offers a 6” tapered belt, heavy duty chain, and included carabiner and D ring. The company says the belt utilizes reinforced stitching, although a few users have said they had issues with the stitching after six to 12 months. Still, the belt features a 4.7 rating with almost 600 reviews.

The belt features a longer chain at 36-inches which should fit most people and the chain is fully adjustable based on your own size and needs. The company recently upgraded its belt based on user feedback and that’s always a positive sign in our book.

Here’s the real kicker with this weighted dip belt, it’s backed by a lifetime warranty.

You can check out hundreds of reviews and see current pricing by clicking here.

The best weighted dip belts for under $60 coming in various shapes and sizes and offer varying types of materials. In my opinion, trial and error is usually the key to success with any garage gym products. If you know that you like a thicker weightlifting belt, you’ll probably like a thicker weighted dip belt. If you know you prefer vinyl over leather for stiffness reasons, that will likely hold true here.

While I absolutely love my Rep Dip Belt, you might find a cheaper option or a thicker option to better suit your needs. If you try any of these options out, let me know what you think about your purchase.

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