Rogue Monster Landmine 2.0 Review And Info

Rogue Monster Landmine 2
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Rogue Monster Landmine 2.0
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The Rogue Monster Landmine 2.0 is a solid attachment that delivers fluid movements in a compact accessory that won’t take up much space in your home gym.


  • Knurled nob makes removing and attaching the unit a breeze.
  • Solid build factor with Rogue quality.
  • Fluid movements are near perfect.
  • Price is good for the quality.
  • The powder coat is excellent.


  • The tube can scratch up your barbell’s sleeves.

The Rogue Monster Landmine 2.0 is one of my favorite pieces of equipment in my garage gym. For $193, Rogue has delivered a user-friendly, easy-to-relocate product that does exactly what it’s supposed to do without taking up much space.

I have limited space in my garage gym, so a traditional landmine attached to a weight plate or the wall would get in the way. I purchased the Rogue Monster Landmine 2.0 to save space but have been very pleased with the device’s overall use.

Rogue Landmine 2.0 Design and Build Factor

First, the Landmine 2.0 is incredibly easy to attach and detach from my Rogue RM-4 (pictured with the landmine).

Rogue Fitness has chosen to implement a knurled knob setup. The knob stays secure during movements and detaches with ease. I’ve become a fan of the knurled knob setup at Rogue for various uses, and the Landmine 2.0 is, so far, my favorite use of the knob.

Here’s a quick look at the knurled knob with the landmine 2.0:

Photo Credit: Rogue Fitness

Movement with the Rogue Monster Landmine 2.0 is awesome. There is no drag with this unit, even after 6 months of nearly daily use.

Whether pivoting the landmine 2.0 up and down or left and right, it feels like an extension of my power rack.

There is one improvement I would like to see. The landmine 2.0 doesn’t feature a tube with UHMW plastic, which may be hard to place inside, which means my Rogue Ohio Cerakote bar is out of the equation for fear of scratching up its sleeves.

Instead, I choose to use a cheap Titan Fitness Economy Olympic Bar, which costs just $149.99 with shipping. You can find the Titan Fitness bar HERE.

The $149.99 cost for the landmine attachment and another $110 for the Titan Fitness economy bar still makes this a win in my book. I’ve also added a Titan Fitness Landmine Stand with Weight Horns to the equation.

The landmine stand added another $199 to the total cost of my setup. Still, it’s worth it for heavier landmine lifts and sets me up perfectly for Viking presses and other heavyweight movements that start above waist level.

After six months of heavy use, my Rogue Monster Landmine 2.0 attachment has proven one thing, I won’t be going back to a traditional landmine attachment in the future. Rogue truly knocked this one out of the park.

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Rogue Monster Landmine 2.0

An excellent landmine attachment with fluid motion.
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