Fringe Sport 20kg Power Bar Review And Info

Fringe Sport 20kg Power Bar
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Fringe Sport 20kg Power Barbell
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The Fringe Sport 20kg Power barbell is a power bar we stand behind thanks to a high tensile strength that supports up to 2,200 pounds, a great aggressive knurling, moderate spin, and a matte finish that looks great in any gym setting.


  • Super-strong 216,200 PSI tensile that supports up to 2,200 pounds.
  • Aggressive knurling that’s perfect for heavy lifts.
  • Excellent moderate spin that fits a power bar well
  • A great finish that helps slow corrosion.
  • Long sleeves for packing on a ton of weight.
  • Free Shipping


  • Nothing that stands out as detrimental. 

I’m a big fan of Fringe Sport equipment. The company’s Immortal Wall Balls are used every day in my garage gym and their farmer handles are a must-have in my humble opinion. While I’m by no means a powerlifter, I have recently started deadlifting over 350 pounds and with that, I’ve started leaning more on my Fringe Sport 20kg Power Barbell.

While I’m not going to attempt speaking for every power bar on the market, I will say the 29mm shaft feels great in my hands and the crosshatched knurling is aggressive which is exactly what I want as my PR’s continue to develop. The knurling matches IPF standards with a deep center knurl.

The bar feels stiff, which isn’t a surprise given Fringe Sport’s attention to quality and the fact it carries a super-strong 216,200 PSI tensile strength rating. That tensile strength should carry 2,200 pounds or more than double the current world-record.

On heavier lifts (tested by others and not me) the bar remains stuff while the bronze bushings provide great spin. I like Fringe Sport’s for their bushings which are super low maintenance with a moderate spin I really enjoy.

The bar looks great next to my Rogue Ohio Bar, American Barbell California Bar, and other options hanging around my gym. The matte chrome finish looks a lot like bare steel but with much higher resistance to corrosion, a claim Fringe Sport makes on its website and one I’ll stand behind given that my garage gym is located in an often humid garage.

Fringe includes a nice and long 16.3″ loadable length on its sleeves which should satisfy 99.99% of the populations weight needs. Even when I load up Eleiko XF Bumpers or Rogue Hi-Temp Bumper Plates I never feel like more room is going to be needed for my lifts in the future.

Overall the Fringe Sport 20kg Power Barbell is an excellent choice both for the price and for the American-made craftsmanship that goes into every power bar the company sends out the door.

It’s hard to go wrong with any Fringe Sport product and this time you have 365 days to try out the product and return it if you’re not satisfied.

If you’re new to powerlifting and want to know why owning a power bar is so important, check out this Fringe Sport 20KG Power Bar video from the company.

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Fringe Sport 20kg Power Barbell

The Fringe Sport Power Bar is an excellent choice and it ships for free!
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