Rogue Machined Olympic Plates Review And Info

Rogue Machined Olympic Plates
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Rogue Machined Olympic Plates
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The Rogue Fitness Machined Olympic Plates are styled with a gray hammertone finish with raised black text that looks amazing in a garage or home gym setup. The plates are machined to provide weight tolerances you’ll find on very few steel plates. 


  • Weight tolerances are nearly perfect.
  • Less prone to cracking and chipping than cast iron plates.
  • Excellent finish with bold raised lettering and numbering.



  • A bit pricey for the average garage gym product buyer.

This is going to be a quick review. The Rogue Machined Olympic Plates shouldn’t be confused with standard cast iron plates. As the name suggests, these plates are machined from a solid piece of steel. This matters for several reasons. First, the plates are less prone to cracking since melted steel isn’t poured into a cast. Second, the plates are far more accurate in their weight tolerances because they are machined to near perfection.

I personally don’t own a pair of Rogue Machined Olympic Plates but had the opportunity to borrow a full 245LB set from a friend. My review, which lasted for two weeks, has led to me place a set in my own Rogue Fitness wishlist at

Why do I love these plates so much? First, the gray hammertone finish with raised black text is amazing. These plates look like something you would find in a champion powerlifters own personal gym.

What’s most important, to most people, is that I’m confident that I’ve actually set a new PR when I lift with these weights. My own weight tolerance tests showed “dead on” weights for the entire set which includes the following weights: 2.5, 5, 10, 25, 35, and 45 pounds.

I have used the Rogue Machined Olympic Plates on my Rogue Ohio Bar and my Fringe Sport 20KG Power Bar and the collars fit perfectly with just enough room for easy additions and removals while staying true to the bar.

I also really appreciate the small size profile that ranges from 0.63″ to 1.5″ which means you can add a ton of weight to your barbell, more weight, in fact, than you’ll be able to add with something like Vulcan Alpha Bumper Plates or Fringe Sport Color Bumper Plates.

Overall, if you’re looking for a non-Crossfit set of plates and you’re totally bought in on Rogue Fitness equipment, these plates are a great addition for just about any garage gym or home gym setup.

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