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TRX Pro4 System
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The TRX Pro4 System is a commercial-grade whole body system that provides rubber handle grips, easily adjustable foot cradles, and an extender kit that makes various bodyweight exercises easy to perform while transitioning between workouts in a matter of seconds.


  • High-quality Straps.
  • Easily adjustable foot cradle.
  • High-quality rubberized hand grips.
  • One-year of free access to the TRX app. 
  • An extender kit that fits even the largest weight racks. 
  • Incredible high quality.



  • A high price point.

The TRX Pro4 System is a commercial-grade piece of gym equipment that fits perfectly inside a garage gym setup. With attachments that can be used to secure the unit to a gym rack, door jam, or various other areas around your home gym, the $220 price tag (with shipping) may seem steep but the benefits far outweigh the price.

I purchased the TRX Pro4 for several very specific reasons versus the company’s cheaper TRX Home2 System. First, the unit includes an extender strap. I connect my TRX Pro4 suspension system to my Rogue Fitness RM4 rack which sits at 100-inches. The tall height of my crossbar requires an extender to provide a full range of motion when using my strap.

The straps adjust easily which allows for a quick change between performing Superman’s and placing my feet in the included cradle for planks and other movements.

Speaking of the TRX PRO4’s handles, they are made from a very high quality textured rubber that provides for a comfortable and excellent grip. The lower-end version provides a dense foam option which is also nice but prone to faster wear and tear and a less grippy feel.

In terms of overall adjustments, I really enjoy the main anchor which provides various slots where the unit can be threaded in a matter of seconds. The included extender also connects easily with a carabiner that easily clips and unclips. The carabiner is made of high-quality aluminum that easily withstands even very heavy use.

As an added bonus, the TRX Pro4 System includes one-year of access to the TRX app. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the app, mainly because I don’t exercise with a focus on my phone. However, the ability to change between high-interval intensity training, body weight, and other exercises have come in handy when I don’t want to chart out my own routine for the day. The app also provides timed workouts in which each exercise is explained and then voice instructions provide guidance. I like the voices instructions because it requires no need to constantly stare at my phone while exercising.

I fully understand that a $220 strap system might seem outrageous but the quality of the TRX Pro4 suspension system matched with an excellent 5-year warranty makes for a price point I’m actually very comfortable paying. There are imitation straps on the market but their handles break down easily, their straps fray, and other issues tend to lead to other issues, including a more frequent need to purchase new straps.

You can learn more about the TRX Pro4 HERE.

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TRX Pro4 System

The TRX Pro4 is a commercial-grade strap suspension system.
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