Peloton Bike+ Review: 1 Year Later And Still Going Strong

Peloton Bike+ Review
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Peloton Bike+ Review
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The Peloton Bike+ became a mainstay in my home gym over one year ago. If you’ve read my Peloton Weights review or checked out my Peloton Tread review then you’re already aware that I’m a huge fan of the company. My love for everything Peloton started with the Peloton Bike+ and that’s still where a majority of my family’s time is spent when using our connected workout devices.

In this Peloton Bike+ review we’ll take a close look at the bike’s design and it’s excellent connected classes and other connected features which has now grown to include streaming TV services.

Peloton Bike+ Design

Let’s start with the build quality. It’s no secret that Peloton has placed a lot of emphasis on creating solid builds and the Peloton Bike+ is at the epitome of the company’s design focus.

The Bike+ is crafted with a welded steel frame featuring a rust-resistant powder coating. It’s a surprisingly durable product considering it doesn’t even tip the scales at 140 pounds.

After more than a year of continuous use in my garage gym, the bike’s powder coating is still flawless, the seat continues to maintain its comfort with the addition of a padded seat cover, and the bikes general components still look and operate like they are brand new.

As an added bonus, it’s a very quite bike, regardless of how hard I pedal, there is never a point where noise is a distraction. I would even call it “whisper quiet” under most intensity levels.

As an added bonus, the high-quality design comes “ready out of the box” thanks to a white glove installation service. The bike arrives almost fully put together and two installers had me up and running in about 15 minutes.

Peloton Bike Review: HD Console

Peloton Bike+ Review - Connected Display
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The centerpiece of the Peloton Bike+ is its 23.8-inch touchscreen, offering a vivid display and responsive touch navigation. With anti-reflective coating, this screen shines even in well-lit environments.

The display also rotates 360 degrees and tilts, accommodating various workout positions and off-bike exercises using the Peloton app. Additional controls, such as volume adjustment and workout selection, are conveniently accessible via the touchscreen.

Recently, Peloton added the ability to stream some of my favorite services to the Bike+ including Netflix, Disney+, Max, and YouTube TV.

Peloton Bike Plus Entertainment Options
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While I love Peloton classes and free rides and even its Lanebreak and Just Ride features, it’s nice to unplug from instructors and general bike features sometimes and the new entertainment options have made me love my bike even more. And given the high quality output of the HD screen, watching TV shows and movies is actually a real pleasure.

The screen is also able to swivel and tilt, making it a nice option for viewing Peloton workout videos inside of my gym. My wife loves Peloton’s yoga and weight training classes and she often uses the Peloton Bike+ screen in place of our gym’s mounted TV.

About three months into using my Peloton Bike+ my screen developed a line down the left side. I called Peloton, shared a photo of the issue, and within one week a new screen was sitting on my door step. Peloton offered to have a technician come to my home for the new install but the process only took me about 5 minutes so I turned down the offer. Overall, I have been very pleased with Peloton’s customer service during the few encounters I’ve had for the Bike+ and the Peloton Tread.

I love the console and classes so much that I left a Peloton bike review on the company’s website, something I only do for products I either really love or greatly dislike.

Audio and Connectivity

The Peloton Bike+ elevates your audio experience with a 2.2 channel front-facing stereo speaker system, delivering impressive sound quality. The speakers are so good that I often have to turn them down because they are sometimes too loud.

When I need to keep my sound to myself, the Bike+ also features Bluetooth 5 compatibility that allows seamless pairing with your wireless headphones, while a headphone jack caters to those favoring wired connections. I have paired all of my Peloton equipment with my Apple Airpods Pro and Apple Airpods Max headphones and I’ve had zero issues with either set.

I also connect my Apple Watch to my Peloton Bike+ and it’s a simple process that just involves holding my watch close to the display. Once connected my heart rate shows up on screen. My wife and I have both had some issues with our watches refusing to connect but on average it’s a solid connection option that works most of the time.

Additionally, the Bike+ integrates an eight-megapixel front-facing camera, though this feature no longer supports video chats as of June 2022.

Peloton Bike+ Peddles And Controls

Peloton Bike+ Control Knob
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The Peloton Bike+ is very simple to control. The large red knob below the touchscreen allows for a rider’s resistance to change from a simple flat road glide towards a tough uphill battle. The knob is very precise in its movements which can cause over corrections at first. Once you get use to the knob it’s one of the best controls you’ll find on a connected devices. It’s also very simple to suddenly stop by simply pressing down on the control knob.

One of the coolest features found on the bike is the automatic resistance setting. When participating in on-demand classes, riders have the option to have their resistance automatically changed based on the instructors settings.

Peddling on the Pelton Bike+ is also a breeze, every rotation feels smooth and that has been the case from day one through more than a year of solid use.

There is one thing to consider. If you ever notice a sudden griding noise after moving the bike, be sure to auto-calibrate the unit. The Peloton Bike+ may look like a typical cycling unit but it’s also a highly calibrated device that works best when you let its technology optimize the experience for your rides.

If there’s one complaint I have about the peddles it’s that the powder coating scratched up during my very first use.

Peloton Bike Plus Peddles Scratched Up
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While the paint scratched up quickly, I have had zero issues with rusting and the Peloton Delta clips have remained very tight for more than one year. My wife, daughter, and I all use Peloton bike shoes and they are also still as comfortable as day one.

Overall, the Pelton Bike+ pedals like a dream thanks to a solid design and a very simple to use control knob for resistance adjustments.

Unlocking the Full Potential with All-Access Membership

Peloton Equipment Bike and Tread and Row

To fully leverage the Peloton Bike+, a subscription to the All-Access Membership Peloton app is essential, costing $44 per month. This subscription unlocks a world of premium workouts led by highly skilled instructors from around the globe. With thousands of classes, live sessions, leaderboards, and a variety of workout types, including yoga, pilates, strength training, and boot camps, this membership adds substantial value to your Peloton experience.

I own the Peloton Tread, Peloton Row, and the Peloton Bike+ and the $44 cost covers all of those devices with up to 20 accounts given access to my personally owned equipment.

Peloton Bike+ Main Specs

  • Display: 23.8-inch HD touchscreen
  • Dimensions: 59″ L x 22″ W x 59″ H
  • Weight: 140 pounds (63.5 kg)
  • Resistance: Magnetic resistance with 24 levels
  • Speakers: Four built-in speakers
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Compatible with Bluetooth heart rate monitors
  • Adjustable: Seat height, handlebar height, and screen angle
  • Footprint: Compact design for home use
  • Workouts: Access to a wide variety of live and on-demand workouts
  • Subscription: Requires a Peloton membership for access to classes
  • Apple GymKit: Integration with Apple Watch for heart rate tracking
  • Price: Priced at [price] (varies by region and promotions)


  • Exceptional instructors and diverse workout options via the Peloton app
  • High-quality, anti-reflective touchscreen with swivel and tilt functions
  • Professional assembly included with purchase
  • Optional auto-adjust resistance for an enhanced workout experience
  • Impressive audio quality


  • Premium price point
  • Connectivity issues with slow WiFi
  • Ongoing cost of the Peloton All-Access Membership
  • Some users may find the saddle uncomfortable
  • Delta-compatible shoes come at an additional cost
  • Short warranty coverage

Peloton App: A World of Fitness At Your Fingertips

The Peloton app extends far beyond cycling, offering a wide range of workouts, including strength, yoga, meditation, rowing, and more. Whether you’re aiming for specific fitness goals or simply seeking variety in your routine, the app’s extensive library has you covered. Live classes, interactive features, and the ability to connect with fellow riders make this app a game-changer for fitness enthusiasts.

Immersive Technology Redefined

The Peloton Bike+ is not just a piece of exercise equipment; it’s an immersive fitness experience. With cutting-edge technology, superior audio, and a community of motivated users, it’s no wonder the Peloton Bike+ has become a symbol of premium home fitness. If you’re willing to invest in your health and well-being, the Peloton Bike+ a standout choice.

To sum it up, the Peloton Bike+ combines innovation, community, and convenience, setting a new standard for home fitness equipment. Whether you’re a competitive cyclist or a fitness novice, the Bike+ offers a transformative workout experience that’s hard to beat.

If you’re still on the fence after reading this Peloton Bike+ review, check out more user reviews in the link below.

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