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Rogue Monster Matador Hanger
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Rogue Monster Matador
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The Rogue Monster Matador is a dip station bar that attaches to Rogue Monster racks using a simple pin. The unit features 7-gauge steel and various drip widths.


  • Excellent heavy-duty steel quality.
  • Multiple grip widths.
  • Easy to move between positions.


  • Unit wobbles side-to-side.
  • No UHMW plastic to protect your Rogue Monster rack.
  • The pin can scratch up your rig. 


The Rogue Monster Matador is a solid piece of 7-gauge steel made right here in the USA. I purchased the Matador Hanger for my Rogue RM-4 rack. The unit is available for various Rogue racks, including the infinity and Monster lite systems. In my case, the unit features a 3×3 steel design that attaches to my rack in seconds. Ultimately, I’m not a fan of the unit because of several odd design choices made by Rogue, still, it has a place in my gym for functional reasons.

I admittedly wasn’t a big fan of dips just a few months ago, mainly because of my inability to master the exercise. I decided to purchase the Rogue Matador because the $145 price tag seemed like a good investment for a piece of gym equipment that wouldn’t take up too much additional space in my garage gym.

I weigh 196-pounds and have been very pleased with the unit’s stability when dipping on my RM-4. My rack isn’t bolted to the group and even during aggressive dips, my rack stays relatively in place.

The grips on the Rogue Monster Matador measure 1 7/8″ in diameter and feel great in my hands because they are decently smooth. With that being said, I have grip strength issues I have been working through and I would have actually preferred knurling of some kind, although that’s just my own preference.

I started using the Rogue Matador as a regular dip unit for the first week, placing the unit around waist height. At first, that was the only exercise I performed and I was happy with the unit. Recently, I also started placing the Matador near the floor and placing my heels on the ground, this has allowed me to perform a different exercise with pauses for added stability strength training.

I have also found that the angled grips have allowed me to target my triceps in different ways. The grip lengths range from 16 1/2″ to 23 1/2″ center to center. If I’m feeling any discomfort I shorten or widen my grip and continue on with my workout.

The pin system used with the Rogue Monster Matador makes it really easy to move this system up and down my rack between exercises. It also makes adding and removing the unit a breeze. However, the unit features a system that requires using some force. I haven’t been the only reviewer to notice that the pin can scratch up the insides of the holes you have to push through for use. One reviewer went so far as to suggest buying a standard safety pin for the unit to avoid scratching.

Another issue with the Rogue Monster Matador is the side-to-side wobble. I included a video from another reviewer in our video reviews section that showcases how the unit slides side-to-side during use. A slight amount of movement wouldn’t have bothered me during dips, however, unlike Sorinex and other manufacturers, Rogue decided not to wrap the dip station with UHMW plastic on the sides of the unit. This means you are constantly banging the dip bar into your rack with steel-on-steel contact. If your goal is to scratch up your rack, Rogue has you covered.

Another issue I have with the Rogue Monster Matador comes down to storage and it’s completely my fault. Yes, the unit can stay on your rack but if you have a versatile workout planned every day as I do, it can get in the way. I didn’t purchase the Rogue Matador Hangar and now I’m going back to pick it up. This unit measures 24″x27″x10″ (length, weight, height) and that’s a decent amount of space to take upon the floor. The hanger will allow me to mount the unit on my wall.

Purchasing the Rogue Strip and the Rogue Matador Hanger will run you an addition $105 or nearly the $145 cost for the actual dip station.

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Rogue Monster Matador

A dip station for the Rogue Monster series of racks.
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