Titan Fitness Cast Iron Olympic Plates Review And Info

Titan Fitness Cat Iron Olympic Plates
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Titan Fitness Cast Iron Olympic Plates
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The Titan Fitness Cast Iron Olympic Plates are a nice option if you want some solid weightlifting plates with excellent prices. The finish looks great and the weight tolerances are decent for a cast iron plate. 


  • Decent weight tolerances.
  • Slim design for more weight on barbell sleeves.
  • Excellent price point with free shipping.


  • Not as well-built as some other options. 

Titan Fitness is well-known for providing cheaply priced gym products with free shipping. Just because something is cheap with free shipping doesn’t mean it’s not worth a purchase. In fact, I love my cast iron weight plates and I regularly use them when not Cross Fit training.

With a starting price of just $29.99 per pair, the plates are well priced when shipping is included. I recently reviewed the more price Rogue Machined Olympic Plates, which are superior to these plates, but that doesn’t mean I have a preference based on general use, I’ll explain what I mean below.

First, the plates look great. I’ve had some issues with the powder coating on previous Titan Fitness products but this product arrived without any chips, scratches, or other issues. Yes, it’s not the same quality as a higher-end steel plate but it’s completely suitable for most gyms.

I was able to review an entire set which includes the following:

  • 2.5 pound pair
  • 5 pound pair
  • 10 pound pair
  • 25 pound pair
  • 35 pound single
  • 45 pound single

The plates fit perfectly on my Rogue Ohio Bar and my Fringe Sport 20KG Power Bar, my two favorite personal use bars. The cast-iron plates fit on 50mm collar openings and the fit is snug but not overly aggressive. I did notice a little scratching on my collar sleeves but admittedly it’s about time for me to purchase some new barbells after repeated use.

I weighed the entire set and found the weight tolerance to be pretty accurate. My 45-pound weights were off by 1/4 pound and my 25 pound weights were off by a similar tolerance. The rest of the weights were pretty much dead on.

If you’re not dropping on hard surfaces, I recommend these cast iron plates thanks to their pristine finish, weight tolerances and lack of an annoying bounce that you’ll find on bumper plates.

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Titan Fitness Cast Iron Olympic Plates

An excellent cast iron Olympic plate with a price that's hard to beat.
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