Rogue Wrist Wraps – White Series Review And Info

Rogue Fitness Wrist Wraps - White Series
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Rogue Wrist Wraps - White Series
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The Rogue Wrist Straps, white series, are a comfortable, affordable, and well-made option for almost all of your weightlifting needs.


  • Comfortable material blend with moisture-wicking.
  • Strong and reliable velcro.
  • Decent hook and loop option.
  • Great wrist support.
  • Value Priced.


  • None. 

When it comes to reviewing a product such as the Rogue Wrist Wraps there are only a few main characteristics that I look for. Are they sturdy and comfortable, how long do they last, and how do they hold up to moisture-wicking and repeated stretch.

While wrist wraps are generally under $15, including these Rogue Wrist Wraps which come in at $12.75, I still don’t want to replace them every month. I’ve owned my 12″ White Series for four months and after daily use, the velcro has maintained itself well and the hold on my wrists still feels solid.

The hook and loop closure on the Rogue Wraps appears to be stitched well, I use it for applying my straps during almost all lifts and there has been no tearing. Rogue warranties the hook and loop for 90 days which may indicate that they are prone to tearing fairly quickly. Several buyers on Rogue’s own website have complained about this particular part of the product so your mileage may vary based on how rough you are on your gym products.

Nearly all of my workouts include CrossFit or general HiiT training and that usually means a good deal of sweat is flying. The moisture-wicking on the Rogue Wrist Wraps is top-notch, allowing for no chafing or other issues. During two-a-days, I find that the product dries quickly, even when the humidity in my garage is spiking.

I have weaker wrists than I care to think about but this product really helps whether I’m performing deadlifts, bench presses, curls, and various other exercises. Available in 12″, 18″, and 24″ options, it’s a great value-added product that I can’t do without.

Several reviewers have noted on Rogue’s website that the straps are very stiff when first worn and then they settle in after some use. I believe it’s important to note that even when they settle in, applying a tight hold during use allows them to function properly with a strong hold on my wrists.

Overall, I’ve been very happy with my Rogue Wrist Wraps and I plan to continue buying this product after wear-and-tear finally sets in. You can check out the product here.

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Rogue Wrist Wraps – White Series

A great wrist wrap with excellent velcro and strong wrist support.
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