Best Gym Mirrors For A Home Gym: A Comprehensive Guide

Best Gym Mirrors
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At Garage Gym products, we understand that creating a home gym is becoming increasingly popular among fitness enthusiasts. One essential element of a functional home gym is a quality gym mirror.

This article will guide you through selecting the best gym mirrors for your home gym. We will cover the various types of gym mirrors, their features, and where to buy them.

Common Types of Gym Mirrors

When selecting a gym mirror for your home gym, it is essential to consider the type of mirror that best suits your needs. Three main types of gym mirrors are typically used inside home gyms: glass, acrylic, and shatterproof mirrors (made from various materials).

Glass Mirrors

Gym Mirrors for a Home Gym
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Glass mirrors are the most popular type of gym mirror due to their clarity and reflection. They are easy to clean and provide a professional look to any home gym. However, glass mirrors can be fragile and break easily if not installed correctly.

The quality of glass mirrors also varies. If you’ve ever seen “high definition” glass versus discounted glass, you understand that picking the right option can make all the difference. We’ll get into this more in a little bit.

Acrylic Mirrors

SLCARACC Full Length Wall Mirror Tiles
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Acrylic mirrors are lightweight, flexible, and shatterproof, making them ideal for home gym use.

They are also easier to install than glass mirrors and do not break as easily. However, acrylic mirrors may scratch more easily than glass, for example, while cleaning them.

Shatterproof Mirrors

Shatterproof Mirror

If the shatterproof mirror isn’t made from acrylic, they are often made from polycarbonate, laminated glass, and possibly mylar film, making them less likely to shatter if broken. They are popular for home gyms due to their durability and safety features.

While shatterproof mirrors are a great option for safety, they tend to lack the HD clarity you’ll find with float glass or tempered glass options. They also tend to cause shape distortion compared to real glass gym mirrors.

Features to Consider for gym mirrors

When selecting a gym mirror for your home gym, it is essential to consider various features such as size, thickness, and installation method.

Size: The size of the gym mirror is an important consideration as it determines the amount of space it will take up in your home gym. Measuring the available space in your gym before purchasing a mirror is advisable.

We also suggest buying a full mirror or larger mirror tiles when possible. Smaller tiles tend to feel distorted when looking at your body in the mirror, which can be distracting when attempting to follow full workout movements.

If you buy tiled mirrors, make sure each piece is at least 12 inches by 12 inches to ensure a better viewing experience.

Thickness: The thickness of the mirror determines its durability and safety features. A thicker mirror is less likely to break or shatter, making it a safer option for your home gym.

Gym Mirror Frame Types

Frameless Mirrors

Frameless mirrors provide a modern and sleek look to your home gym. They are easy to clean and maintain and come in various sizes and shapes.

If you purchase this type of mirror, make sure the description notes whether it has smooth edges. This provides an extra layer of safety for your setup and offers a better-looking product in many situations.

The Murrey Home Gym Mirrors are often well received and regularly appear on the best sellers list for Amazon shoppers. They provide smooth edges, and if you check out the reviews on Amazon, a handful of home gym owners have raved about the quality of the product considering its low price.

If you’re like me and the small tile size of some frameless mirrors drives you crazy, try the CrossROBBIN gym mirror, which provides a much larger 48″ (height) by 32″ (width) design.

The mirror provides a high-quality HD setup, easy installation, and a tarnish-resistant coating that protects the gym mirror in high-humidity areas like a garage gym.

Framed Mirrors

Framed mirrors offer a more traditional look to your gym. They are available in various styles, sizes, and colors to match your decor.

The biggest problem with framed mirrors is their size. If you want a wall-length mirror, you can expect to spend a lot of money finding the right solution.

Even if you find a framed mirror you love, placing two side-by-side creates line breaks that can be very distracting. This might be a great over-the-door option, but otherwise, we’d steer clear of framed gym mirrors.

Portable Mirrors:

NeuType Large Framed Mirror - Best Gym Mirrors
Photo Credit: NeuType

Portable mirrors are an excellent option if you have limited space in your home gym. They can be easily moved and stored when not in use.

The mirror pictured above is a highly-rated option from NeuType which features a rather large 71 inches in height and 32 inches in width. The mirror also offers an aluminum frame which helps when moving the mirror around.

The NeuType mirror can be placed on a floor, but you can also wall mount this gym mirror for extra safety.

Check it out on Amazon:

Installation Method: The installation method is another essential feature when purchasing a gym mirror. Some mirrors come with a pre-installed mounting system, while others require professional installation. It is essential to ensure the mirror is correctly installed for safety reasons.

Easiest Home Gym Mirror Installation

If you need the simplest solution possible in terms of installation, the Delma Home Gym mirrors are a breeze to install thanks to an adhesive backing that attaches to a clean drywall surface.

Remember, they are made from “Float Glass,” which provides a superior reflective surface but less protection than tempered glass when broken. This is because float glass, when shattered, is separated into larger pieces which can leave sharp edges behind. On the other hand, the tempered glass breaks off into smaller, generally much safer shards.

Delma gym mirrors seem to be a hit among Amazon reviewers, who have given the glass mirror tiles 4.5 stars across more than 600 reviews.

Delma Home Gym Mirrors, 12” x 12” Glass Mirror Tiles (16 PCS), Square Large Wall Mirror for Home Gym, Bedroom, Door,Bathroom, Frameless Mirror Sets
  • HD REFLECTIONS: This frameless mirror tiles are made of HD float glass, better reflection, more resistant. Wall mirror edge was frosted, which make this mirror more secure.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Wall mirrors come with powerful self adhesive Foam Tape & Glue, easy to use. And please clean your wall before installation, make sure the surface is flat, dry, without any powder.

Where to Buy Gym Mirrors

There are various options for purchasing gym mirrors for your home gym. Online retailers such as Amazon and eBay offer a wide range of gym mirrors at affordable prices.

Below we’ve provided a list of the best-selling gym mirrors from Amazon. This list includes the top 10 sellers on Amazon and is updated in real-time.

Workout mirrors for a home gym can also be purchased from local shops and professionally installed. However, the cost of a high-end mirror installation is often not feasible. And honestly, with decent home gym lighting and the right selection from this page, we think you’ll be very happy with any of these types of mirrors for a home gym.

The Importance of Home Gym Mirrors

Home gym mirrors are essential for several reasons. Firstly, they allow you to monitor your form and technique during workouts. This is particularly important when performing exercises that require proper alignments, such as deadlifts, squats, and overhead presses.

Gym mirrors also help prevent injuries by enabling you to see any potential hazards around you, such as obstacles or tripping hazards.

In conclusion, selecting the best option for your home gym requires careful consideration of various factors such as type, features, and where to buy.

Following the guidelines in this article, you can choose the perfect gym mirror that meets your needs and provides a safe and professional workout space in your home gym.

Garage Gym Mirror FAQ

We get a lot of questions about home gym mirrors, and these questions are the most popular.

How thick should my gym mirror be? We recommend a mirror that is at least 3mm in thickness; this ensures a more sturdy option that will be less prone to breaking. A mirror around 5mm is considered relatively thick and will be even more durable.

Remember that the thicker the mirror, the heavier it will be when installed on your wall or other surfaces.

Where should a gym mirror be placed? In our home gym, we’ve placed a mirror behind our power rack and next to our yoga studio. Typically, you want mirrors to be placed in any location where examining your overall form is important.

We place our gym mirrors far enough back that they don’t get bumped or tripped over. We like to position wall-mounted options only inches from the floor. This ensures we can watch our entire movements without losing track of our positioning.

If you have a leaning mirror, we recommend positioning it in a corner to provide additional stability when leaning against a wall. If that’s not possible, attempt to ensure that very little traffic passes in front of your wall-leaning gym mirror.

What size home gym mirror should I buy? Size matters this time. The bigger and more full-length the mirror you can install, the better. At a minimum, we recommend at least a 60 inches height and 36-inch width.

If you can place several frameless mirrors next to each other, that’s even better! Remember that these mirrors are all meant to help you watch your form, so the more clarity and viewable space you have, the better off you’ll be.

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