Abdominal Trainer By AbMat Review And Info

Abdominal Trainer By Abmat
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Abdominal Trainer By Abmat
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The Abdominal Trainer by Abmat is a nicely contoured ab trainer that provides an excellent range of motion. 


  • Excellent Contour.
  • Great range of motion.
  • Strong build quality.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Great Price.


  • None

The Abdominal Trainer by AbMat is a simple piece of gym equipment that can make a huge difference when working in your abdominal region. I work ab exercises into all of my daily workout routines and as a result, I sometimes suffer from additional lower back soreness. I picked up the AbMat for $40 from Fringe Sport and the price is justified in this American-made product.

The first big win is the pad’s comfort. It’s firm enough to maintain a very strong hold while providing enough give when targeting the abs for upper and lower abdominal workouts along with the obliques. On my 5’10” and 200-pound frame, I’m able to lay across the cushion while it holds its shape without any issues. Holding shape is important for an AbMat since part of its job is supporting the lower back to remove strain.

I’ve admittedly not used any other Abmat type products but the contour on the Abdominal Trainer by AbMat has convinced me that it offers the exact type of back support I’ve been seeking. The contour offers support but also provides a full range of motion so I’m not robbing myself of full abdominal reps.

The flat back on the Abmat is also perfect to maintain a strong grip on my rubber gym floor. I did attempt to use the Abdominal Trainer on my polyaspartic garage floor, mostly just as a test, and it did slide on the slick surface.

The stitching on the trainer looks strong and the material feels great. I’ve only been using the Abdominal Trainer by AbMat for a little while now but it’s holding up flawlessly.

Finally, the Abmat is super compact. I work out in a garage with a lot of equipment and space is becoming an issue, for new reviews I sometimes have to move my cars out of the garage to find the space I need. The Abmat is very compact and stores easily underneath my Rogue Mass Storage Unit or while sitting on top of my band storage unit.

Some of the best gym equipment I use is simple but effective and the Abdominal Trainer by AbMat is no exception.

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Before you buy, check out this video on how to perform a basic Abmat Sit-up from the team at Reebok. Once you give these sit-ups a try you’ll be immediately shocked by how much better they feel on your lower back.

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Abdominal Trainer by Abmat

A nicely contoured ab trainer that provides for a full-range of motion during workouts.
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