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Rep Fitness Medicine Wall Ball V2
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Rep V2 Medicine Ball
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The Rep V2 Medicine Ball is a solidly built medicine ball that features double stitching for added stability and a commercial-grade look that will completely any garage gym. 


  • Durable Double-Stitching.
  • Stitched lettering for logo and sizing.
  • Grippy synthetic leather (improved over original).
  • 14″ diameter across all weights. 


  • None after being tested in a commercial gym.

The Rep Fitness Rep V2 Medicine Ball is the perfect addition to any home or garage gym. I integrate medicine balls into many of my home workouts for the benefits they provide for a full-body workout. One of my biggest complaints with many of the balls I’ve purchased is the longevity of the product. Even with light, non-Slam ball type of use, the materials vary from one manufacturer to the next.

The Rep V2 Medicine Ball feels great in the hand. The V2 version has been upgraded to a new synthetic leather that is soft yet grippy. It’s also incredibly durable, allowing for more wear and tear. I wasn’t in the market for a new medicine ball but my local gym has 10 and 20-pound versions of the balls and after months of heavy use, they’ve held up really well among many different types of users, avoiding much of the deformities I’ve seen from other manufacturers. My Titan Fitness Medicine Ball, for example, became quickly deformed and lost some of its padding within a month of everyday use.

With doubling stitching and a thick thread that appears to be ready for heavy use, I’ve witnessed no issue with the Rep Fitness medicine balls being used at the gym. This is important because many people in the gym use the medicine balls like their slam balls, adding additional stress to the balls.

As an added bonus, the Rep V2 Medicine ball features stiched in lettering for the company’s logo and weight, ensuring I can always tell which ball I’m grabbing. Of course, every ball is also color-coded for convenience.

The Rep V2 medicine balls all feature a 14″ diameter which makes all of the balls feel familiar in hand regardless of weight.

Overall, the balls feel great in the hand, don’t wear down easily, and look great, which is all I really need to know when it comes to purchasing a medicine ball. I loved the use of these balls so much at the gym that I’m preparing to order a few for my garage gym. You can check out all the options HERE.

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Rep V2 Medicine Ball

A solid medicine ball that you can put through the ringer.
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