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Vulcan Strength Alpha Bumpers
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Vulcan Alpha Bumper Plates
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The Vulcan Strength Alpha Bumper plates are some of the most durable on the market. The company’s four-year warranty is also a leader in the space. With an excellent bounce and a solid design, it’s no wonder these bumper plates are some of the most raved about on the market.


  • Durable steel insert design.
  • Virgin rubber offers low bounce.
  • Colored specks are some of the nicest looking on the market.
  • The four-year warranty offers indoor and outdoor use protection.
  • Priced competitively against other similar bumpers. 


  • Insert isn’t stainless steel.

The Vulcan Strength Alpha Bumpers are one of the best bumper plate options on the market according to various reviewers and loyal Vulcan Fitness customers. With a strong build, anchored inserts, and several other important features, we’re not really surprised that these bumpers are so well liked. Let’s take a deep dive into what makes the Alpha Bumpers so popular.

The first big plus of the Vulcan Bumper plates is their durability, a key factor for choosing a great bumper plate. Vulcan Fitness warranties the bumpers for both indoor and outdoor use. That means lifting and dropping on concrete won’t void your warranty.

We love the unique color pattern that Vulcan has chosen for the Alpha Bumpers. The flecks are surrounded by virgin rubber which makes identifying the bumpers easy while adding a splash of color to your gym. It’s a totally personal preference but we like the look of these fleck bumpers more than options from Rogue, Fringe Sport, and others. Speaking of the virgin rubber compound featured on these weight plates, it features very little bounce, making the plates a great option for anyone dropping their barbells from above their head. We also love that the rubber surface feels high-quality with very little oily residue upon delivery.

Vulcan also anchors the steel inserts on these bumpers with a hook system that prevents the inserts from slipping out. We love this feature on Fringe Sport bumpers and we expect to see more of this design in the future. It’s one key reason the Vulcan Strength Alpha Bumpers can offer a best-in-class warranty at 48 months.

One caveat with the inserts on these bumpers, they are not made from stainless steel and therefore are likely to rush faster than some plates from the competition.

With a standard 450MM diameter which several reviews have noted is true to form and the company’s stated weight tolerance of +/- 1% which also appears to hold true, these are a great set of bumpers for strength training whether you’re focusing on powerlifting or Olympic weightlifting. The bumper plates are priced to move both in pairs and at discounted prices for entire sets.

We tested the 25, 35, and 45 lb bumper plates and found them to be on-par with our Rogue Color Echo Bumper Plates which also happen to be our favorite low-cost, high-value plates. Vulcan Fitness also offers the plates in kilograms if you prefer that option.

You can check out the Vulcan Fitness Alpha Bumper Plates here.

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Vulcan Strength Alpha Bumpers

Vulcan Strength Alpha Bumpers are some of the best bumpers on the market and offer an industry-leading 4-year warranty.
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