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Abmat Hip Thrust Pad
Abmat Hip Thrust Pad
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The Abmat hip thrust pad provides an even lift surface thanks to multi-layered padding and a tough outer core. 


  • Multi-layered padding for even lifts.
  • A strong outer surface for added equipment protection.
  • A good price point for the quality provided.


  • Not great for “big hipped” people.
  • Rolling the bar onto the pad can be challenging.

The Abmat Hip Thrust pad has one job to do and it does that job well. The entire point of this pad, available from Rogue Fitness, is to allow for a safer and more comfortable hip thrust movement.

As someone who is constantly working on their glutes, my biggest complaint with hip thrusts has always been the discomfort I feel from placing my barbell on my body. I’ve tried rolling up towels and other cushioned items but they have always ended up uneven or have added additional discomfort.

The AbMat Hip Thrust Pad is a simple pad that utilizes “multi-layered well technology that creates a more even distribution of the bar’s weight and better protects the pelvis in the process,” according to Rogue’s website.

I personally enjoy the flexibility of the pad, while it’s slightly rigid, it moves seamlessness with my body. My hip thrusts range from 125 to 200 pounds and I’ve felt no discomfort with the pad. Anyone who starts adding weight to hip thrusts understands the pelvis pain that can occur without proper padding.

The materials used for the Abmat hip thrust pad feel tough on the outside. Given the limited use of the pad, I expected it to last for years. AbMat says the black Cordura outer shell protects the hip thrust pad’s inner padding and from what I can tell after several weeks of use, that seems to be a fair assessment.

One thing you’ll notice is that the top of the pad is harder than the bottom, this allows for better weight distribution while taking most of the impact from the bar, a big plus as your weight load increases.

Photo Credit: Rogue Fitness

Two notes that you may want to consider. First, if you have very wide hips you might need a thicker pad, this has been noted by several reviewers on the Rogue Fitness website. Second, the pad’s thickness can make rolling your barbell onto your hips slightly more difficult, especially at higher weights.

Overall, I am very happy with my Abmat hip thrust pad. You can purchase the pad HERE.

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Abmat Hip Thrust Pad

A hip thrust pad that adds comfort to the movement.
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