Chalk Pot Review And Info

Chalk Pot
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Chalk Pot Review And Info
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The Chalk Pot features a strong magnetic grip with an angled design that holds chalk bricks and loose chalk without issue.


Super strong magnetic.
A nice angled design. 
Easy to move around any gym.


The depth could be a bit deeper.

The Chalk Pot is a simple product that provides surprisingly great results. This tiny magnetized chalk holder can easily attach to any steel gym rack, exercise equipment, or storage system, allowing for quick access to chalk that can be easily placed within reach.

I purchased my Chalk Pot from Rogue Fitness for $24.95 as part of the “3 Ships Free” promotion that Rogue has been running for a long time.

In terms of design the Chalk Pot offers a simple angled construction that ensure my chalk stays in place while providing for a surprisingly strong magnet. The magnet is so strong, in fact, that it pulls the chalk pot into my rack when it’s still nearly 1/2 an inch from making contact. A strong grip makes sense since you’ll likely be jamming your hand into the pot.

Photo Credit: Garage Gym Products

I leave my chalk in blocks mostly out of laziness, an entire block of Rogue Chalk fits inside. You can just as easily include chalk powder thanks to the pot’s angled design.

I’ve been using the Chalk Pot for 3 months and the magnetic has maintained it’s full strength. The Chalk Pot doesn’t slide around on my rack which means no scratching, at least so far.

Finally, it’s large enough to hold my chalk but it doesn’t really take up any space in my garage gym. If you’ve read my other small equipment reviews you know I’m all about saving space and for that purpose, this is a no-brainer.

The only issue I have with the product is a personal preference, I would have liked it to be a little bit deeper and perhaps feature a slightly larger lip for loose chalk purposes. Otherwise, I think it’s an amazing product, especially at a price point under $30.

You can check it out HERE.

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Chalk Pot

The Chalk Pot is an excellent portable option for holding your gym chalk both in loose and brick form.
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