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Sorinex Center Mass Bells
Sorinex Center Mass Bell
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The Sorinex Center Mass Bell is perhaps the best option on the market. Reduce shoulder shearing and place more focus on your kinetic chain with this absolutely awesome product.


Ductile Iron won’t crack like traditional cast iron.

The Finish is near perfection

Double openings on all weight size so more movements can be performed. 

Perfectly balanced.

Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Can get very expensive at heavier weights.


The Sorinex Center Mass Bell brings an entirely new standard to the gym. The product’s original design is the work of gym equipment mastermind Donnie Thompson.

We recently reviewed the similar Rogue Thompson Fatbells and found them to reduce shoulder sheer while completely replacing dumbbells for many of our favorite bench and floor-based workouts.

In true Sorinex fashion, the company has taken the idea of the Center Mass Bells design and improved upon it. Sorinex offers a ductile iron design that is stronger than cast iron, ensuring drops down lead to cracking and other issues. Sorinex is so confident in its design that a limited lifetime warranty is included with every Center Mass Bell purchase.

The Center Mass Bell is balanced perfectly on three planes, this helps produce a natural gross load for easier movements. The bells are so perfectly balanced in shape that they are easily used on smooth surfaces for various exercises that require rolling the bells back and forth.

While the Rogue Thompson Fatbells are excellent additions to any gym, we found that Sorinex’s decision to leave both sides of their CMB’s wide open allows for additional exercise options we can’t perform with Rogue’s closed system.

As one reviewer on this page has pointed out, because the center mass bells are hallowed out, by design, they do tend to run larger than a standard kettlebell. If you plan on placing heavier sizes on our kettlebell shelf, remember you’ll have less space because of the design factor.

If you’re looking for a more connected kinetic chain, Sorinex promises to deliver and users agree that the delivery is close to perfection.

The Center Mass Bells start at 5 pounds and increase in 5 pound increments until 50 pounds at which point they increase by 10 pounds to 100. This is a nice advantage over other options that jump non-traditionally between sizes.

In our opinion, you could replace all your dumbbells with the Sorinex Center Mass Bell and you would never look back.


Sorinex Center Mass Bell

An amazing diverse center mass bell that provides better and safer movements while lifting weights.
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