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Fringe Sport Prime Kettlebell
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Fringe Sport Premium Kettlebell
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The Fringe Sport Premium Kettlebell offers a solid matte finish that holds chalk incredibly well along with excellent balance across the entire kettlebell.


  • Great powder coat finish.
  • Excellent balance.
  • Good handle width.
  • Awesome weight choices.
  • Holds chalk very well.
  • The Price point is hard to beat.


  • Some users think the handles are too wide (We disagree).


The Fringe Sport Prime Kettlebell is a solid cast iron powder-coated option that delivers the quality I’ve come to expect from Fringe Sport with plenty of weight options to satisfy most workouts.

The handle diameters range from 1.25″ for a 4kg (~9 pound) kettlebell to 1.64″ for the 48kg (~106 pound) option. The handle size is fairly standard across kettlebells these days and that’s why I look at the grip factor and ability to hold chalk, along with a kettlebells balance as major signs of a quality kettlebell.

On all fronts, the Fringe Sport kettlebell delivers. Because the bells are cast from a solid cast iron mold, the balance is spot on, making everything from snatch and presses to goblin squats feel well balanced.

The black matte finish is a high-quality addition that stands up well against my Rep Fitness and Rogue Kettlebells. I’m a big fan of using a a lot of chalk during my kettlebell routines and chalk holds really well to my Fringe Sport Premium Kettlebell. I purchased the 24kg (~53 pound) kettlebell for some mid-range workouts. Given the slightly heavier weight during swings and the fact that I recently installed new flooring in my garage gym and tend to use my kettlebells until failure , I chalk my heavier kettlebells more than normal. When coming back to workouts later in the day and into the next day, I can still feel a good chalk hold.

Pro-tip, if you work out in a garage gym, using a good amount of chalk will allow the magnesium in the chalk to help protect your equipment against rusting by absorbing more moisture if you live in a high humidity area.

One qualm I have with the Fringe Sport option compared to my Rogue Fitness Kettlebell E-Coat and my Rep Fitness kettlebells is the logo and weight imprints which I don’t find to be as defined with this option. With that being said, I almost always rely on the color coating on my kettlebells to inform which weight I grab in the moment.

Overall, the Fringe Sport Premium Kettlebell option is a solid choice. With a starting price of just $38 and shipping always included in their prices, you’ll be incredibly happy going this route.

Fringe Sport

Fringe Sport Premium Kettlebell

A premium kettlebell that offers excellent grip and great balance.
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