Rogue Kettlebell E-Coat Review And Info

Rogue Kettlebell E-Coat
Photo By: Rogue Fitness
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The Rogue Kettlebell E-Coat is a ductile iron kettlebell coated with an E-Coat finish that provides a superior finish, excellent grip feel, and a less corrosive option. It’s made in the United States and is available in numerous weight ranges from 9 to 88 pounds. 


Ductile Iron is incredibly strong.
The E-Coat finish is less likely to be damaged. 
The texture feels great in the hand. 
Cleans easily to avoid leftover chalk residue. 
Decently priced for an American-made product.


None we have noticed yet.

I love a great American made product and the Rogue Kettlebell E-Coat is the exact reason why American-made will always top our list for sturdy products. This new offering from Rogue arrives in partnership with Cadillac Casting, Inc, a forgery out of Michigan that creates an exclusive line of KB kettlebells for Rogue Fitness.

Available in Rogue’s trademark high-quality powder coat and a tough E-Coat option, these quality kettlebells are cast using ductile iron. If you’re unfamiliar with that material, it’s tougher than traditional cast iron and less likely to corrode.

The E-Coat finish on this Rogue Fitness kettlebell is particularly nice. E-coat is tough but thin and that allows the casting to be felt throughout the handle. The E-Coat, several reviewers have already noted, is very capable of holding chalk during movements but cleans much easier than traditional power coated kettlebells.

This Rogue Fitness kettlebell also features a nice gloss that makes them look a little bit more high-end. Honestly, for my personal gym, this isn’t a big deal but if you want to impress clients, it’s worth taking a closer looking.

Rogue is currently offering the new kettlebells in a weights increment ranging from 8 LB to 88 LB which really leaves something for everyone. The handle diameters for the Rogue E-Coat bells are as follows: 1.2″ (9LB-18LB), 1.4″ (26LB), 1.5” (35LB-88LB).

One slight annoyance is the lack of a color ring to signal which weight you’re about to grab. I’ve become accustomed to looking at colors instead of weights and these units offer solid colors with only an embedded marking to notate weight.

Check out the process Rogue goes through to create this American-made product:

You may have noticed that there are no color-coded handles included, it’s a bit annoying if you have a large collection of cast iron kettlebells and have to stop and look for the right weight between lifts. With that said, I still love the e-coat finish that compliments the product really well.

If you’re unfamiliar with e-coat, it relies on a wet coating instead of the dry coating which a powder coat relies upon. If you notice this kettlebell seems to have a more even coat than your typical kettlebells it’s because the units are submerged in a liquid coating whereas many other kettlebells rely on a powder coat that can spray unevenly in harder to reach places, such as the undercarriage of a handle.

While I personally like a good e-coat, it is applied in a thinner layer which may lead to easier chipping and scratching in the future. I haven’t gotten that far along with the product yet to witness any real noticeable wear-and-tear compared to traditional powder coat options.

Keep in mind, these units ship as a single piece. I buy all of my kettlebells in pairs to increase the number of workouts I can perform, for that reason, while the price is solid, it can get expensive quickly.

Overall, this E-Coat option from Rogue Fitness is an excellent option at a great price that helps support several American businesses at the same time. If you will only buy American or even just prefer American-made products, this may be exactly what you are looking for when strength training.

You can find more info here.

Rogue Kettlebell E-Coat

This American-made E-Coat kettlebell is tough, feels great in the hand, and is less likely to corrode.
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