Titan Fitness Multi-Grip Bar V2 Review And Info

Titan Fitness Multi-Grip Bar V2
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Titan Fitness Multi Grip Bar
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The Titan Fitness Multi Grip Bar provides 3 different neutrals grips that help alleviate shoulder pain while providing for a very nice variety of powerlifting movements. 


  • Solidly built.
  • Excellent price. 
  • Three grip choices.


  • Powder coat could be improved.
  • Knurling is too passive.

The Titan Fitness Multi-Grip Bar V2 is one of the most used bars in my garage gym. I have shoulder issues and find that movements with a neutral grip help alleviate my slight shoulder pain.

My bar is the improved version 2 of the Titan Fitness Multi Grip Bar which featured welded end caps but offers little in the way of other improvements.

One of my favorite grips on this bar is the 30-degree angled grips which are spaced 10-inches apart. I’m 5′ 10″ and I find that the spacing is just right for working my triceps and biceps without placing added stress where it’s not wanted. I often use the angled grips for curls and overhead tricep maneuvers such as skull crushers. The bar by itself weighs 45 pounds which means I don’t need to add a bunch of weight for many exercises, especially if they focus on isolation movements.

The neutral trips on the Titan Fitness Multi-Grip Bar V2 are spaced 20 and 28-5 inches apart and I mainly use these grips for bench presses and for some rows when placing the barbell over my row bench or when performing standing rows. I find the width between the bars is not so large as to interfere with my standing rows which is a nice additional part of the bars build factor.

The knurling on the grips of this specialty bar is suitable for lower weight movements. I’ve always favored American Barbell, Rogue, and Fringe Sports knurling over Titan’s products but the knurling is suitable in this case, even if it’s a bit passive for my general liking. Honestly, because I am constantly working towards improved hand strength, I don’t mind a less aggressive grip on some of my bars.

The powder coating on the Titan Fitness Multi-Grip Bar V2 is suitable but not fantastic by any stretch of the imagination. Titan isn’t really known for its top-shelf powder coats and you’ll likely experience some paint chipping within a few months of everyday use. Honestly, for under $150, I feel like that’s a small price to pay. I place the 82.25-inch bar into my Rogue RM-4 rack and my Monster J-cups use UHMW plastic which protects the sleeves of the bar from getting banged up. Without those sleeves, you’ll find quick wear and tear with most Titan Fitness specialty bars.

One nice feature of the Titan Fitness Multi-Grip Bar V2 is that the 50mm sleeves easily fit Olympic weights and with 14 inches of loadable space, adding the weight you need should be simple. I did notice a very tight fit when I first started using my bar but within a few weeks, my Rogue Color Echo Bumpers slid on much easier than they had previously.

On a final note, the Titan Fitness sticker on my bar started to peel off very quickly. Between the sustained scratches and the sticker issue, my bar looks worn down more than my premium bars from Rogue Fitness and others; with that being said, for $134.99, I really don’t care. You can check out the Titan Fitness Multi-Grip Bar V2 here.

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Titan Fitness Multi-Grip Bar

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