EliteFTS Bands: Essential Band Pack Review And Info

EliteFTS Essential Band Pack
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EliteFTS Essential Band Pack
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With the EliteFTS Essential Band Pack, you can focus on full-body resistance training with both natural movements and weighted assistance. 


  • Feels great in the hands.
  • Perfect resistance balance.
  • Long-last with high-quality materials.


  • Expensive (but worth it).

The EliteFTS Essential Band Pack is the type of kit anyone who is serious about their resistance and pull-up training should own. I was gifted this pack by a friend who knows about my love of adding resistance to all of my workouts where possible.

EliteFTS has chosen to pack every band you’ll ever need into a single product offering. Here’s the full list of bands:

  • 2 Pro Micro Mini Bands
  • 2 Pro Mini Bands
  • 2 Pro Monster Mini Bands
  • 2 Pro Light Bands
  • 2 Pro Average Bands
  • 2 Pro Short Mini Bands
  • 2 Pro Short Monster Mini Bands
  • 2 Light Short Pro Bands
  • 1 Pro Average Compress Floss Band

EliteFTS bands provide you with resistances from 25.5 to 53.8 pounds (red micro-mini band) to the Pro average bands that provide 86.9 to 192.5 pounds of available resistance.

I tend to use my bands for warm-ups, specifically targeting my shoulders, and the red mini band fits perfectly in my hands and has continued to offer perfect feedback after a month of heavy daily use.

I use heavier bands such as the EliteFTS Pro average band for leg curls while attached to my Rogue RM-4. The grey band in this case offers superior feedback compared to many other bands and the nearly 200 pounds of resistance allows me to really target my calves and glutes with a perfect amount of resistance every time.

When attaching the bands to my rack for deadlift resistance and bench press resistance training, I’ve noticed no additional stretching so far. The bands feel great during every routine and have held up incredibly well.

There’s not a lot to say about resistance and pull-up bands other than that they offer the desired resistance and they are built to last. The EliteFTS Essential Band Pack is among the best I’ve used to date. They feel great in my hands, they are withstanding the test of time, and they look great.

As an added bonus, for under $200 the company also throws in the following additional items:

  • 1 GOTDYA Hand Sanitizer (500ml)
  • 2 Rolls of EliteFTS TP (2 Rolls – not two10 packs)
  • 1 Multi-Use Distress Crescent Head Sleeve 
  • 1 Multi-Use Camouflage Head Sleeve 

The head sleeves are really soft and I actually use them to clean off the weight guide poles on my Powertec Lat Machine which helps avoid drag with that particular machine. I did try them on my actual head and they felt great but it’s just not something I normally wear while working out in my garage gym.

You can learn more about the bands and purchase them HERE.


EliteFTS Essential Band Pack

Pro-grade resistance and pull-up bands.
Buy Now For $169.02

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