WODFitters Mini Bands Set Review And Info

WodFitters Mini Band Set
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WodFitters Mini Bands Set Review and Info - $19.99
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The WodFitters mini band set provides 5 budget-friendly bands that are great for leg and arm workouts, stretches, pilates, and much more. 


  • Very Inexpensive.
  • Can combine bands for additional resistance.
  • Relatively long-lasting for the cost. 



  • The bands lose some tension over time. 
  • Smaller bands are more prone to tearing and easier stretching.
  • Some movements cause the bands to roll. I wish they were just a bit wider. 


Mini bands are a crucial part of every leg day in my household. My wife also uses mini bands for core workouts, yoga, pilates, and more, and I utilize them for various exercises when the need for additional tension arises.

I’m also well aware that these types of bands wear out over time so spending a ton of money on them is a waste of cash, regardless of which brand is chosen. That’s why I’ve been using the WODFitters Mini Bands Set. At only $19.99 (On Amazon) for a five-piece set, I feel as though I fully get my money’s worth.

I’ve been using the same set of WODFitters bands for the past six months and they have managed to maintain much of their original form and stiffness. I specifically utilize the X-Large, Large, and Medium bands and I find they offer great resistance options for lightweight leg work.

Whether I’m lunging, side stepping, or performing modified plants, the bands remain in place and provide just enough feedback to add some much-desired tension to all of my leg-based movements.

I should not that I’m 5-foot-10 and the bands offer a decent stretch during side steps and other movements. Another user said they worked well with their 6-foot-6 frame.

The bands offer a decent level of width, assuring that they don’t cut into my ankles and legs. However, with some movements, the bands tend to roll up on my ankles, which can be annoying if I’m engaged in faster HiiT-type movements that require non-stop movement until completed.

With that being said, paying attention to the bands during movements personally helps me stay focused on the proper completion of each movement during my various exercise routines.

Hip, glute, and leg workouts are targeted most for me with products like the Wodfitters Mini Bands and they do their job by increasing resistance just enough to isolate those target groups.

You can also use the mini bands for various arm exercises and stretches. As you can see in the photo below, the width can cause a bit of digging into the hands and wrists, a complaint made by some other reviewers.

WodFitters Mini Band Set Example
Photo Credit: WodFitters / Amazon

While the bands offer different levels of resistance, they are all the same width, providing for the ability to combine bands for added resistance above the set’s extra heavy option.

One of the biggest complaints about many mini band sets is that they wear down with repeated use. This is a product of the materials used and the fact that elasticity is going to give up over time. The WodFitters Mini Band set is no different. I have noticed a slight increase in the loss of tension, although the ability to combine bands can help with that instability over time.

WodFitters Mini Bands
Photo Credit: WodFitters / Amazon

It’s also important to note that the smallest bands are very thin in terms of general thickness and therefore more prone to faster stretching and tearing.

If you’re new to using mini bands, WodFitters provides a 60-day trial period. If you don’t like the bands, you can return them for a full refund of the purchase price.

At only $19.99 and a 4.4 out of five stars rating, these bands are perfect for casual use. You can read a ton of reviews HERE.

WODFitters Mini Bands Set

Excellent mini bands for leg workouts, pilates, stretching, and more.
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