AOBEN Massage Gun Review And Info

Aoben Massage Gun
Photo Credit: Garage Gym Products
AOBEN Massage Gun
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The AOBEN Massage Gun provides an excellent budget-friendly option that aids in muscle stretching and recovery for under $100.


  • Feels good in the hand during use.
  • 6 attachments for various muscle targeting.
  • Holds a charge for hours.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • 3-variable speeds that offer a wide range of targeting.


  • It’s a bit heavy which may bother some users.

The AOBEN Massage gun is a cordless percussive message gun that can be purchased for a fraction of the cost often associated with this type of product. I decided to purchase the upgraded model on Amazon after my personal trainer let me try his unit and then mentioned to me that it often sells for less than $100.

I’ve been using my AOBEN Massage Gun for six months and it has been a game-changer for my lifting routine. I often use the gun to warm up before workouts, turn to it during workouts to soothe sore muscles, and then hit my targeted muscle groups post-workout.

When the item arrived I was shocked by the quality of the unit. The moment you put the AOBEN in your hand you’ll realize that it’s a heavy, well-made, device that should withstand regular daily use.

The AOBEN offers various different attachments that provide general large area targeting (medium and large-sized balls) along with smaller, more targeted attachments that provide pinpoint accuracy for specific parts of the body. In total, there are six attachments and I use all of them at least 3-4 times per week.

Aoben Percussive Massage Gun Upgraded
Photo Credit: Garage Gym Products

The AOBEN Massage Gun features a rechargeable battery that provides 4-6 hours of use between charges. This is typically enough to get me through several weeks of workouts before I need to charge the device. It also ensures that my AOBEN doesn’t stop working midway through the recovery process.

There are three different variable speeds featured on this particular massager but I stick to the highest speed setting. I find that the higher speed more deeply penetrates my muscle groups. The first few times I used the AOBEN massage gun it felt almost too powerful but several days into general use I found myself trying to more deeply penetrate my muscle groups by pressing harder on the unit.

Several reviewers said they had issues with their massage gun within one year of use, while my unit has held up very well, I actually chose to purchase an additional 2-year warranty at the time of purchase. While I normally avoid additional warranties, I realize that a percussion instrument relies on a motor that does a lot of work, so I highly recommend this small added cost.

I really like that the AOBEN message gun also offers two carrying cases. The first case holds the massager and its charging cable. The second case is capable of storing all six attachments. The attachment case then has its own designated area inside of the first case. The case features a hard cover on the outside and decent passing inside to protect the massage gun and all of its components.

Overall, I have been nothing but pleased with my AOBEN massage gun. Given that it’s about 25% the cost of a Theragun and does an amazing job, even if I have an issue a few years into use, purchasing a replacement is still far cheaper than that of a higher-end unit. You can check out the AOBEN here.

AOBEN Massage Gun

A budget-friendly percussive massage gun.
Buy Now For $95.99

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Written by James Kosur

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