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Titan Fitness Landmine Stand
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The Titan Fitness Landmine Stand is a great addition to your garage gym if you require a rackable solution for your landmine movements. We use it to avoid injury and for quick setup between different landmine-based exercises.


  • Easy to place a barbell.
  • Weight racking is faster and safety.
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of room. 
  • Dual rollers ensure your barbell stays safely in place.


  • The cost seems a bit steep.
  • At higher height settings the barbell stand becomes a little bit wobbly.

We’re a little bit shocked that the Titan Fitness Landmine Stand is not a more common product among garage gym accessories. If you’ve ever lifted your barbell up to perform Viking presses and other standing maneuvers, you know what a pain it can be to take heavy weights from the ground to your starting position.

The Titan Fitness Landmine Stand solves this problem by creating a “rackable” starting point that is adjustable to four different heights (26.5″, 29.5″, 32.5″, 35.5″).

We really like that the stand features two rollers that bend in slightly, allowing the bar to easily catch. However, the top height for the stand is a bit wobbly. Titan could improve upon the landmine stand by adding better steel for the adjustable part of the stand. The wobbling can be partially fixed if you purchase the plate-loaded option that added stability with just a few Olympic plates thrown on each side of the stand.

While not a perfect stand, it does the job well enough and for the cost, it’s a must-have option for anyone who loves landmine exercises. It also doesn’t take up much room at 18″ x 24″ and a weight of just 35 pounds.

The landmine stand also features stable wheels and a handle that make it easy to roll around the gym, although at 35 pounds, I tend to just pick up the stand and move it as needed.

You can check out the Titan Fitness Landmine stand here.

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Titan Fitness Landmine Stand

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