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Rogue Parallel Landmine Handles
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Rogue Parallel Landmine Handles
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The Rogue Parallel Landmine Handles are one of the best-constructed landmine accessories on the market. This American made product features a unique design that’s perfect for various exercises while offering Rogue’s signature powder coat finish and robotic welds. 


  • Heavy-Duty steel design.
  • Uniquely angled for maximum comfort and versatility.
  • Excellent powder coat finish.
  • Standard and Fat Grip handles are both very comfortable.


  • Can scratch up your barbell sleeve after repeated use.
  • No knurling on the handles which may annoy some buyers.

The Rogue Parallel Landmine Handles are some of the favorite pieces of equipment in my garage gym. When I purchased my Rogue RM-4 as my permanent rack, I made sure the Rogue Landmine 2.0 was shipped along side my new equipment. Almost every workout in my arsenal includes landmine movements.

When I started looking for the best accessories for my landmine workouts, the Rogue Parallel Landmine Handles kept topping the list for many reviewers. Available in both standard grip and fat grips, it’s easy to understand why so many people rave about this workout accessor.

The standard grip features a 1.3-inch grip size while the fat grip comes in at a much larger 1.9-inches.

The actual unit is incredibly well constructed, featuring the same robotic welds that Rogue has become known for. At 12 pounds for such a small unit, it wreaks of being constructed using heavy-duty steel.

The grip on the handles lack knurling which would likely have increased the rather cheap cost for this accessory, and honestly, I use landmine-based rows to partially focus on improving my grip strength which works well with this accessory.

The landmine is machine shopped to fit perfectly over an Oly bar. You can see the attachment featured on our Rogue Ohio Bar in the picture on this page.

The seamless tube is a nice touch to ensure your barbell sleeves don’t tear up easily. However, make no mistake about it, the steel on steel rubbing is going to eventually show some wear-and-tear.

The handle length on both Rogue Parallel Landmine Handles comes in at 8.75-inches which provides for plenty of room while gripping the unit.

One of my favorite parts of this particular landmine accessory is that it features a unique shape. The part of the unit that is closest to the body is bent inward. I have found that this allows me to pull the handle closer to my chest, allowing for better depth with rows and other exercises.

With beautifully crafted laser-cut steel plating and Rogue’s signature powder coat finish, this is one accessory every landmine owner should own.

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Rogue Parallel Landmine Handles

The Rogue Parallel Landmine Handles can elevate your landmine game with standard and fat grip options.
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