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Rep Pull-Up Bands
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Rep Pull-Up Bands
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The Rep pull-up bands are well-made, provide varying degrees of resistance, and deliver exactly as promised thanks to high-quality rubber. 


  • Great resistance options.
  • High-quality rubber.
  • Decent price point.
  • Fairly long-lasting in terms of bands.


  • No negatives to report.

Rep Fitness Pull-Up Bands provide an excellent amount of exercise versatility at a price that won’t break the bank. Whether you need help with your pull-ups or you want additional ways to perform bicep, tricep, back, and other exercises, these bands are high-quality and high-strength.

I purchased my pull-up bands as an afterthought with a kettlebell order. When they arrived, I was impressed by the quality of each band. I chose to purchase “Bundle 1” which costs $70 and features one each of the red, black, purple, green, and blue bands.

I started by testing the bands from highest weight tension to lowest. The blue band features resistance from 60 to 150 pounds. During pull-ups the band performed as expected, albeit the tension made pull-ups too easy for my liking. I moved down to the green band which features 40 to 140 pound tension. This band provided great stability and after a month of use it’s holding up like new. The 30 pound to 80 pound purple band hit my sweet spot for assisted pull-ups, providing a slight bit of assistance while not hindering my pull-ups on my Rogue RM-4 100″ rack.

Admittedly, I don’t need help with pull-ups and only use these types of bands for that exercise when I want to work on muscle isolation focus or when I’ve reviewing a product.

For strength training, however, I use resistance bands all the time. I found that the 20 to 60 pound black band and the 5 to 35 pound red band were excellent for performing various stretching and shoulder exercises. I use the black band for face-pulls and to add stability training to my tricep and bicep workouts.

I compared these bands to my more expensive Rogue Monster bands and found them to be on par with Rogue’s offering. In fact, when combining a Rep Fitness band to a Rogue band for stability-based bench presses, there appeared to be no difference between the bands on either side of my barbell.

If you’re looking to improve your shoulder mobility, add new exercises to your workouts, or need to stretch better before exercising, I highly recommend the Rep Fitness Pull-Up bands.

Rep Fitness

Rep Pull-Up Bands

Excellent pull-up bands with various resistance levels.
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