Rogue LB Competition Bumper Plates Review And Info

Rogue LB Competition Bumper Plates
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Rogue LB Competition Bumper Plates
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The Rogue LB Competition Bumper Plates feature a very low bounce on the Durometer scale and in actual practice. The plates feature a strong steel insert that holds wonderfully in place while being protected by a new raised rubber bevel that surrounds each insert. With raised lettering and a high quality finish, these are easily among the best competition bumper plates on the market.


  • Super low bounce.
  • Steel inserts are incredibly strong and stable.
  • Rubber bevel protects your plates from scuff marks when making contact with each other. 
  • Fairly priced for competition bumpers. 


None that we’ve found so far.

If you’ve watched the CrossFit Games or Rogue Invitational you’ve likely noticed the awesome bumper plates being utilized by athletes from around the world. The Rogue LB Competition Bumper Plates are synonymous with high-end events where various Olympic-type lifts are utilized.

It’s not a surprise these Rogue fitness plates are often the “go-to” option for large-scale competition. With a 94 Durometer scale measurement, the weights offer very little bounce which makes them safer for high drops with heavier weights.

I had a chance to use a pair of the Rogue LB Competition Bumper Plates for a few weeks when I was in California and I was immediately impressed with a few features. First, the chrome-plated steel disc inserts are excellent. Not only are the inserts awesome to look at, they also provide a very stable hold on an Olympic bar.

My measurements showed a very true to form 450MM diameter for each of the Rogue plates and the pounds listed were exactly true to form while testing several pairs of each weight (25, 35, 45, and 55 pounds). Rogue promises a weight tolerance of +/- 15 grams and they appear to be consistently delivering on that promise.

My garage gym features Rogue Color Echo Bumpers as my primary go-to and so I was already very familiar with the gloss-matte-gloss textured lettering and finish on Rogue’s color bumpers. The finish really stands out with Rogue’s raised lettering on the competition bumpers.

One really nice feature is a raised rubber surface which helps avoid metal-on-metal contact between the center discs. This prevents rubbing which can cause scuffing when bumper-on-bumper contact is made and when plates rest on top of or next to each other for storage purposes.

The Rogue LB Competition Bumper Plates are also some of the best priced high-end competition plates on the market with a starting price that’s still steep but reasonable for such a high-quality option.

You can see more info about the Rogue competition plates here.

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Rogue LB Competition Bumper Plates

Rogue LB Competition Bumper Plates provide a superior low bounce, strong steel inserts, and an excellent value based on quality.
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