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Rogue Dumbbells
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Rogue Dumbbells
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Rogue Dumbbells offer an ergonomic design with a solid construction that’s hard to beat.


  • Solid design.
  • Low bounce.
  • Excellent knurling.
  • Great handle diameter¬†


  • A bit pricey.¬†

Rogue Dumbbells are currently the product of choice in my garage gym. From 10 to 50 pounds, I have been using the company’s products for the past eight months. When I started building my new gym I knew dumbbell workouts would be at the top of my daily exercise list, just as they were at commercial gyms, and so far, Rogue hasn’t disappointed.

Rogue Dumbbells are sold in pairs and come in at 2.5 to 125 pounds and while they are not cheap, the added cost, in my opinion, is worth the cost.

First, the dumbbells include a heavy-duty rubber head with an 88 durometer rating. When working out to failure I have been relatively impressed with the bounce that occurs during drops. There’s definitely some bounce when the weights hit my rubber gym flooring which leaves me a little wary at times but it’s better than cheaper rubber hex dumbbells I’ve used in the past. Most important to my routines, and my new polyaspartic garage flooring, the rubber helps reduce the impact on my flooring.

I also really appreciate the hex design on the dumbbells. If you work out in a garage gym you probably have to deal with a slight slope in the garage, with hex dumbbells I don’t have to worry about my dumbbells rolling away.

The chrome-plated handles on the Rogue Dumbbells are my favorite feature. I like a medium knurl and I’ve become quite acclimated to the knurling found on top-rated all-purpose Olympic bars. Rogue has manufactured a medium knurl that feels comfortable whether I’m pushing for maximum reps or carrying my heaviest dumbbells during farmer carries.

The diameter on the dumbbells starts at a handle diameter of 25mm for the 10-pound option while the heavier dumbbells expand to 35mm. The grip, regardless of size, feels great. The handles are very ergonomic which adds to the appeal of using them on a daily basis.

In terms of weight tolerance, Rogue Fitness claims a +/- 3% tolerance and my dumbbells are near perfect from 10 to 50 pounds.

The construction on my Rogue Dumbbells is top-notch. Rogue has chosen to implement a head to handle design that helps ensure the weights don’t come apart. My favorite part of the design, however, is the balance on the dumbbells, with a solid design the balance is near perfect in consistency.

From a very nice grip to a decently low bounce and a solid general design, I have been very happy with my Rogue Dumbbells on all fronts and find them to be a good set of bells all-around. Whether you own a garage gym or you want to give your athletes in a commercial gym a good set of bells to work out with, you can’t go wrong with a set of these weights.

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Rogue Dumbbells

Rogue Dumbbells are a solid choice for any home or garage gym.
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